Valorant – Patch 6.0: Omen says goodbye to the one ways and Lotus and Split arrive

Valorant is decked out for the arrival of a new Episode at shooter. This will come loaded with many new features, some of which we have already told you about, such as the new Battle Pass or the arrival of Lotus and others we will detail below, such as the hard nerf to Omen or the adjustments that have been made to Split on its return to the map rotation in normal and competitive games.

New Elo system in Valorant

When the new Episode arrives, a new system for ranked scores. As of this patch, win/loss will influence more that the difference of rounds after finishing the ranked. One of the main novelties resides at this point, and that is that if your MMR is higher than your range, your individual performance (K/D) will be counted more. Remember that the first five qualifying games will be key to being placed in one rank or another, so try to give your best and

This open a somewhat dangerous melon and it is that many players will decide to hit the rest of their teammates, or choose duelists since having more potential options to add casualties, will make these a priority for many players of the shooter and in this way mitigate the loss of LP in case of defeat or increase it in case of a comfortable victory.

Omen gets a hard nerf

Omen has received several changes in its smoke, the Dark Veil, which we summarize for you with the exact words that Riot has put in this regard:

  • Dark Veil inside walls will now drop to nearby ground height. One-way smoke screens are part of Alorant, but they are difficult to counter and we want to limit them to intentional, easy-to-understand areas. We’ll be watching how this change affects Omen’s power level.

This is a nerf to those one way smokes, that is, the smokes in which you see the opponent but they do not see you. In this way you can obtain key information to add casualties with hardly any risk.

Map Changes

The map rotation in competitive and non-competitive play changes, and two new maps are added, while two more leave their place, although you will be able to play them in other modes. Breeze and Bind give way to a renewed Split and Lotus. The latter will have two weeks of a unique mode so people can try it alone or with friends and enjoy the ins and outs of this map set in India.

As for Split, it receives several changes in some areas of it, and since these things are better to see with images than to tell them, we leave you the tweet published by the official account of the game to compare the before and after. Finally, they corrected several Valorant errors in the form of bugs and also released the new Skin packs, both the Battle Pass and the pack that will replace the one currently in the store.

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