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Riot Games He not only has a busy schedule of eSports in the year 2023, but is also working on new content for all of its video games. Recently, episode 6 of VALORANT.

The tactical shooter will have new skins and a new setting in the next update. For now, it has been confirmed that the patch will arrive on January 10, 2023.

“Discover the wonders of a forgotten world in Episode 6: REVEAL. Starting on January 10, 2023,” Riot Games details in the official cinematic of the new episode.

VALORANT Episode 6 Cinematic

The teaser begins with Fade gathering information about the new setting that is inspired by India. Meanwhile, Sage and Omen are at the training base and Jett, Killjoy and Raze are enjoying their ordinary lives.

Interestingly, there are two enemies in this plot: Harbor and Astra, who seem to have keys that take them to a new dimension. When they reach the map, they are detected by VALORANT agents and a new conflict begins.

New VALORANT map.  (Photo: Capture)

New VALORANT map. (Photo: Capture)

For now, it is believed that the scene has three bombs or spaces where to plant the bomb. The name of the map or what the design will be like have not been revealed; Everything will only be known on January 10.

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