VALORANT presents its episode 6: REVELATION

VALORANT Episode 6 Revelation

It’s here, VALORANT takes the first step in what will be its new episode, the first of the 2023 season. The new year in VALORANT is celebrated with the arrival of Revelationepisode 6. The tactical shooter from Riot Games opens the way to this chapter with an incredible cinematic, packed with action and a new story. VALORANT Episode 6 called Revelation is with us and brings us many news. Inside of the Episode 6: Revelationwe will have a new map, new battle pass and the restart of the ranked ladder.

For the most attentive, the kinematics presents us many interesting details. Throughout it we can see multiple agents of the game. At the beginning we see Harbor beside Astra, who enter the jungle of India to the place of the new map. On the other hand, in the VALORANT base of unknown location we have Omen Y sage. In parallel, the video shows us Fade at a nightclub in his hometown, Istanbul. Finally there are killjoy, race Y Jett, who from South Korea are spending time together at a restaurant in the city. During the cinematic we can appreciate how their activities take place until the action calls them.

Everything New in VALORANT Episode 6: Revelation

Lotus, the new VALORANT map arrives in Episode 6: Revelation / Sources: VALORANT

Astra Y Harbor they force entry to what appears to be Lotus, the new map of VALORANT. The alert immediately reaches the other agents, who arrive to fight. The cinematic ends the confrontation between these sides, further increasing the story of the game. In this way the VALORANT episode 6 begins under the name of Revelation. The highlight is undoubtedly Lotusthe new map that seems to have three siteslike Haven. VALORANT Episode 6 includes the following:

  • New Map:
  • New Battle Pass:
  • New Skin Pack:
    • operator
    • bulldog
    • vandal
    • shorty
    • Knife

To close, Riot Games confirmed that the day January 6th multiple content creators will have the opportunity to play in the new episode. In this way we can discover the new gameplay that shows Lotusas well as we will be able to observe the new aspects and everything that the new battle pass.

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