Valorant skins for VCT partner teams are an overall win

Riot Games is flirting with the idea of ​​Valorant skins emblazoned with the logos and colors of VCT’s partner teams, creating a direct connection between the game and the pro scene. Following in the footsteps of Rainbow Six Siege, Call of Duty, and more, Riot is making clear what it wants for Valorant, and it’s a win for all parties.

The VCT circuit is riding high in 2023, and like smart business, Riot Games is capitalizing on it. The developer recently released a champions pack at the height of esports hype during the VCT Finals, and teams took home $16 million as a result. It’s clear that players want more esports content – I know I bought the Champions 2021 and 2022 pack, and if Riot ever allows us to trade, I’d be swimming in money. Until then, owning limited-time rare packs is flexibility enough.

But the team skins associated with VCT would be more than just a flex. All parties will benefit from themed weapons, ultimately leading to a healthier esports ecosystem.

Valorant esports skins are a big part of the VCT partnership

If the circus around teams associated with Riot didn’t make sense to you before, it should now. Being connected to the VCT circuit is no longer a courtesy. Being able to monetize your brand through a game makes up a large part, if not all, of the value and importance of partnering with Riot. Valorant Esports Global Director Leo Faria has revealed the advantages of being a partner and having in-game content is one of them.

“The first is the stipend. We have a lump sum of money that is quite healthy that a team receives just for being in the league. The second thing is a revenue share from in-game goodies. We are also giving teams a large portion of the revenue from their team-branded content,” Faria said.

Therefore, teams associated with Riot enjoy multiple benefits. For the Champions package, Riot awarded 50% of the revenue to the team, meaning that in 2021, organizations received $8 million just for qualifying. The cut for team branded content is unknown, but it should be higher than the Champions pack, which means partner teams will have a ball if Riot grants even a 60% cut.

Smaller teams that join the association through the application process will be able to get representation without paying a lot of money. Other requirements will be set, but the in-game content will reward organizations by promoting their brand. For Tier 2 teams, it would be a significant milestone, especially since they earn their spot on sheer skill alone.

More money for Riot and fun for the players

Teams aren’t the only ones to reap the rewards; Riot will be the real winner here. Riot needs an excuse to produce new skins (and I’m not complaining). Associated team skins will likely just be variants with no special effects or VFX, similar to the Ace pack, but players will be paying big bucks for their esports worth, which means Riot will be swimming in cash for releasing simple skins.

However, it is not all bad. Esports skins are best when seen less. Minimal designs ensure they remain evergreen. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major cosmetics are a great example. All brand stickers are simple; to the max they are holographic and FPS gamers love them.

Valorant skins for VCT partner teams are an overall win

While professional Riot and Valorant organizations will surely benefit from the branded content, true fans of the game (me) won’t be far behind. Esports content is always a great idea; helps to strengthen healthy rivalries. By adding in-game skins, players can support their teams while enjoying Valorant. Of course, these in-game rivalries will carry a risk of toxicity, so players need to develop a tough skin and prepare to defend their team. You would no longer secretly follow a lower-tier team; your skin would scream his name.

Healthier competition and an engaged player base will translate into more meaningful bets. Consequently, the game will connect directly to a thriving esports ecosystem where storylines take center stage. Old Valorant can also be seen on Twitch live streams. It is the rivalries that generate excitement in a professional game.

Riot’s strong focus on esports shouldn’t come as a surprise, as all of this has been brewing since Valorant’s release. Who would have thought that Riot would instantly jump into curating a pro scene when the game was a mere embryo? But Valorant’s first Riot-backed tournament took place three months after launch, and it was a success. A peak of three million viewers pointed to a strong esports ecosystem. It is safe to say that Valorant esports will go down in history for the rapid growth of its esports. Fortunately, Riot’s esports model is trimmed down to ensure that everyone wins!

While the Valorant skin swap is a long shot, hopefully the associated skins will prompt Riot to work on the in-game store that players believe is too small and vague to accommodate the fantastic skins.


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