Valorant: The box system is very close to arriving, according to leaks

This information has been in the pipeline for a few months and it seems that it will soon reach Valorant. The box system seems to be a reality and would arrive in the coming weeks at the official server of the shooter according to ValorLeaks, one of the insiders with more information on this title.

This rewards system, which has been working on for many weeks and months, cwould consist of earning diamonds by playing matches or rounds in different game modes that Valorant offers. Each diamond completed would give +100 XP to the player. There would be up to 4 diamonds that can be earned daily, to which there will also be daily bonuses, so they would encourage users of the title to spend more time on the server to earn these rewards.

What these boxes will contain is still an enigma.

In the absence of knowing, officially, what these boxes may contain, what we do know is the information published and filtered by certain insiders. According to what they say, “You will be able to win boxes from victory or from a daily login. The new system will have an Act Points System, which would award points to your account when you open crates.”

This system reminds us, to a certain extent, of Overwatch and many other online games that reward gaming loyalty. League of Legends also has it to a certain extent, although the honor system also comes into play, which at the moment does not exist in Valorant and which many players have been asking for a long time to curb toxicity.

Be that as it may, the box system will arrive very soon in Valorant and if we had to shoot a triple of when it could come out It could be with the arrival of the new Act or the following in which several novelties are expected, such as possible swings to dominant meta champions, a new interesting skin pack (it could be Gaia 2.0) or the Premier mode, which would be like the League of Legends Clash.

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