Valorant: The exclusive pack that will come to the game on the occasion of LOCK//IN

There are only a few days left for São Paulo to be the world epicenter of Valorant, with the dispute of the LOCK//IN, a competition that has expectations through the roof and in which the best teams of the Riot Games tactical shooter will face each other. This event will have a Spanish presence, since both Team Heretics, such as Giants and KOI will fight for this first trophy and the spot

In full countdown to the start of this competition, next day 13, the developer has announced an exclusive capsule ingame whose profits will be added to the prize pool for the 32 participating teams since 50% of the net total collected by this pack will be distributed to the game client.

The pod includes a VALORANT-exclusive melee weapon called the Mercy, which comes in four different variants. Three of those variants represent a region participating in the tournament (Americas, Pacific and EMEA). The fourth variant refers to the VALORANT Champions Tour.

What will this pack contain?

The capsule also includes regionally themed cards and a new spray with the phrase “GO!”. This capsule will only be available from February 8 to March 7, and will be exclusive as it happened with packs such as the Champions or the Arcane Sheriff, so they will not return to the client either in store updates or in markets future nocturnes.

The four variants of Mercy are:

VCT Americas (Green Variant)
VCT Pacific (Blue Variant)
VCT EMEA (Purple Variant)
VALORANT Champions Tour (Red Variant)

As for the tournament itself, the VCT LOCK//IN will begin on February 13 at 6:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time (9:00 a.m., Pacific time) and will be broadcast live on the official Esports channels of the shooter Riot Games tactician, in the Spanish case, in LVP, although it is possible that some watchparty will join in to follow the steps of the Spanish-speaking teams in Brazil

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