Valorant: The South is painted Violeta, the 9z team manages to bring down Infinity by crowning itself as champion of VCL Sur

A final duel within the competition of the South begins facing two squads in the VCL South who have given a great display of ability during the weeks of competition where we saw them stand out with their great display of ability, the squad of 9z faces infinity to determine the first champion of this tournament that will give them points to be able to place at the end of the year in the possibility of entering the Liga Americas.

Starting with a first map of Haven where the infinity team starts with a wide dominance in the rounds that shows their might with the ability to Byrf making a presence with his Sova to send the 8-4, in the change of roles the violet-toned squad made a quite aggressive attack with which they manage to take rounds in their favor thanks to a Deidara that creates several opportunities and casualties with which they manage to take the map on their side.

Then we go to Ice box where things would be different with the 9z team taking the lead from the first rounds to take an important advantage thanks to the ability of David to enter “Sage Duelist” mode, leaving things 8-4 in his favor, in the second half a response was noticed from Matis who managed to get the early casualties but it would not be enough due to the aggressiveness shown by the purple squad who get the second point on their side.

Arriving at the third stage we see a map of Pearl selected by 9z, already with a mood boost of two maps we see a sample of a solid attack by the purple team that little by little punishes the opponents with a Mizu that hits hard in each round leaving 9-3, during the change of sides there was no response from the infinite team who little by little began to fall before the overwhelming force of their rivals who take the series.

After three maps very tilted to one side we have a winner, the squad of 9z manage to win against the infinity team thanks to a team that is solid both in attack and defense during this match, now the purple squad will have time to face the North champion looking for the goal of ascending to the next level.

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