Valorant: There will be three new agents this year

A sentinel, an initiator and another whose role was not revealed will be the three new agents that we will see this 2023 in the Riot Games game.

The news in Valorant does not stop and while the community enjoys the best competitive teams battling in the LOCK///IN, Riot Games works to add new content to the game. The developer talked about her plans for 2023 and revealed that we will have three new agents during the year.

Although the developer had already given details about some things they were planning for the FPS this year, they had not mentioned the issue of agents. Valorant Character Producer, John “Riot MEMEMEMEME” Goscicki presented a video noting what players in this category can expect.

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Riot MEMEMEMEME reported that there will be three new agents who will arrive in the game, starting with agent 22 who will be the first to join and gave small details about what he will look like. As mentioned by the rioter, this “will have a unique way of dealing with different situations and new ways of checking angles, moving or planting the Spike.”

Of the three agents, one will be an initiator and another a sentinel, while no details were given about the third. It is unknown if agent 22 will be within the two mentioned roles, although with the little information that Riot MEMEMEME revealed, they fit the description of the characters of this style.

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“We need to keep a good balance between roles and playstyles, but as we add more operators to the game, it doesn’t have to be a perfect balance between all roles,” he explained. goscicki. The last agent to arrive Valorant was Harbor in the role of controller in October of last year, applying a new mechanic among his abilities.

Act 1 of episode 6 ends on March 6, so we could see new information about Valorant agent 22 in the patch that comes later.

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