Valorant: When is Bind back? The return of one of the most beloved maps by the community already has a date

If people ask about a map they miss in Valorant, the almost majority response from the community will be Bind. This desert map that features two TP zones He is very loved today by the players of the shooterand the joy of reading this news will be great.

Bind returns to Valorant with various changes in various areas of the game that we will show you below. In addition to this, they have given a date when it will be released again, so we won’t have to wait long to see Bind in the game’s map rotation again. shooter. Now it will be time to see if any more maps come out, or add one to the rotation in order to avoid that constant movement in this section.

The changes coming to Bind

These slight changes are as follows:

  • A new TP exit and a renovated bathroom entrance
  • Interior of bathrooms and exit from bathrooms to if you
  • The wall near A near Tower and the wall near the small gate
  • Changes in the radianite boxes of A
  • B corridor and door
  • Elbow area of ​​B

With these adjustments, the aim is to gain a little more dynamism to the map, one of the reasons why it was sent to the thinking corner with the arrival of Lotus.

When is Bind coming back?

If you have come this far, you surely want to know the answer. The company itself has given the exact date on which we will see Bind in action again and it will be the April 25th, on the occasion of the arrival of a new Act to Valorant, and the day on which the Night Market that you have in your account will end.

Possibly, before this date, your favorite Valorant content creators will be able to test it before on a special server, and from MGG we will tell you all the information that comes to us from the shooter Riot Games tactician in which the next few weeks and months of a lot of hustle and news are expected.

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