Valve backs down and will pay for the trip of CS:GO trainers to the RMR

The grudge of Valve with the coaches of CS:GO It is still evident and, after the latest information, it seems that it has increased. Joshua «m1cks» Micks, current coach of Detonate, has confirmed that the developer of shooter not will pay the coaches to travel to the different RMR regional. Most international organizations can afford that expense, but it will be a significant cost for smaller teams. Several trainers on the scene have gotten wet and explode against an organization that does nothing but hinder trainers. After all the fuss Valve will finally pay for that sixth place.

Vladyslava Zakhliebinamanager of OG, has excelled in Twitter that “Valve He never paid for the coaches, only 5 players and a substitute. In the vast majority of cases, that substitute was the coach, so there were no problems with it. Nevertheless, for the next Paris Major Valve will not take care of that sixth place that they occupiednormally, the coaches. All of this comes at a time when large organizations are coming down with a long staff and even with a substitute. With all this, these are not the big losers since they are more than capable of paying for these trips. Teams like m1cks’ own will have more difficulties paying for the trip and stay in Monterreythe city that will host the RMR Americas.

BLASTwe understand that by orders of Valve, is not required to pay for the stay of that sixth person. The costs of the trip, hotel and food will be borne by the team while several of them do not have the capacity to do so. wiltonzews» Prado, Fluxo’s current coach, has been harsher assuring that they are «treated like garbage by Valve“Well, it is not the only decision that harms this important figure of a team. Hours after publishing this article, m1cks himself has confirmed that Valve and BLAST will take care of paying that sixth place.

The mistreatment of Valve to the coaches of CS:GO

It should be remembered that, from the trainer bug, Valve It has been very hard with the coaches of CS:GO. They cannot be in the same room or in the voice chat of the qualifiers, so communication with their players is non-existent. In addition, in face-to-face events they cannot bump fists with their pupils or make a gesture, only speak during tactical breaks. All this has left very surreal situations between referees and coaches. Definitely, Valve do not trust the coaches at all CS:GO.

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