Valve has trademarked Counter-Strike 2, release imminent?

Counter-Strike is an eternal shooter, one of the competitive gaming kings and a brand that continues to unleash the passion of PC gamers who are experiencing a few weeks of heart attack due to rumors and Counter-Strike 2 leaks (which is actually expected to be the update to the Source 2 engine from CS:GO).

The last hint of counter strike 2 we got it thanks to a trademark registration of Valve than the past March 14 registered CS2a brand that also, in the registration itself, related both to the name Counter-Strike like with the video game CS:GOsomething that, as you can imagine, has been reason enough for the expectation of the community to rise.

In addition, after discovering the registration of this new trademark, the official CS:GO Twitter account has changed its cover image, putting a drawing with 5 anti-terrorists (classic Counter-Strike logo) which is a mystery to the community. Some point out that this 5 means the days left for the Counter-Strike 2 beta to start, others point out that it will be released in May and others are inclined to wink that CS2 will actually be the fifth “main” game of the series after Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition Zero, Source and CS:GO.

CS2 tracks

All this wave of expectation and rumor mill about the expected arrival of Counter-Strike 2the update of CS:GO to the Source 2 engine or whatever all these movements began with the appearance of several “.exe” files with this name in the NVIDIA drivers, to which the information of a well-known insider of that this month we would have a beta of this installment.

To this we must add several references to CS2 in the DOTA 2 code and several private updates that Valve has made both to the game and to the Counter-Strike blog itself, of which, thanks to data mining, we know that there is a post hidden and yet unpublished that could be related to Counter-Strike 2.

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