Valve is working on an “ambitious and never-before-seen” puzzle game, could it be Portal 3?

Valve is one of the most prestigious video game companies in history, in addition to a handful of games that marked a before and after, such as Half-Life, Portal, Dota or Counter-Strike.

But recently it has become more dedicated to its platform Steam (and occasionally to hardware, like now the successful Steam Deck), leaving game creation aside.

They’ve never stopped releasing games, but lately they seem to have picked up the pace, with the release of Half-Life Alyx in 2021 (the best game ever made in VR?) and the recent announcement of Counter Strike 2, right around the corner. the corner.

And in the future… could we have the Portal saga back? A recent discovery has set off alarm bells.

Valve works on a very ambitious puzzle game, “never seen before”

Twitter user Faizan Shaikh discovered some very interesting things on the Linkedin profiles of two Valve employees.

Artist Boyand Zhu mentions that he’s been working on an unannounced game since at least January 2022, but what’s really interesting is what Michael Anderson, a level designer who recently left Valve but worked at Valve for two years, has to say. ..

…working on an unannounced game with “ambitious, never-before-seen-before” gameplay, which has “puzzles made from scratch.”

Valve already said they have several “exciting” games in developmentplural, and that was before the announcement of Counter Strike 2.

And recently, with the release of the Steam Deck, they released for free Opening Desk Job, a small game designed to showcase the features of the Steam Deck, and which shows that Valve has not forgotten about the Portal saga, from which fans are eager for a return. Clues for a new game of Portal? Or better yet, a new IP, as iconic as Half-Life and Portal were at the time?

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