Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel has been detained for a month: he is incommunicado and is detained in El Helicoide

Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel has been detained for a month: he is incommunicado and is detained in El Helicoide

Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel has been detained for a month: he is incommunicado and is detained in El Helicoide (AP).

Venezuelan worker Rocío San Miguel birthday this saturday One month taken into custody In helicoid in charge of “Treason”, “Terrorism” and “Conspiracy” linked to the alleged scheme “White Bracelet” what i was looking for kill nicolas maduro,

San Miguel was arrested at Caracas International Airport on the morning of February 9, as she was preparing to fly out of the country with her daughter. Along with her, her former husband, a retired colonel, was also deprived of his liberty. Alejandro Jose Gonzalez,

She has since been held in one of the country’s most dangerous prisons, considered a torture center, waiting to face a judicial process fraught with irregularities.

His legal team, which was called and authorized by the family, reported that, over the past four weeks, they had tried tirelessly to have some contact with the activist, but were always denied. Instead, as the regime usually does in cases of political prisoners, he appointed a public defender to represent him.

Their judicial process, classic for political prisoners, is plagued with irregularities (EFE).

“That public defender never communicated with Rocío’s relatives. Lawyer Joel Garcia condemned and said that we were appointed by the family members to assist him, but it was not possible and the court shrugged it off saying that he has not been transferred to the court. “it In a state of helplessness and lack of communication,

San Miguel received only on one occasion a trip from abroad, It was his daughter, Miranda Diaz, on February 18. Thanks to this contact, the rest of his circle could know that “She was not tortured” But “since then, no one has been able to speak to him, nor has he had access to family, friends, lawyers, anything.”

Because his condition is “completely unknown.” no communication with him, “We don’t know her emotional state, her health, if she’s eating… we don’t know anything, not even how and what she needs,” Garcia insisted in an effort to reach her. Not even about who he’s being kept with.”

All this not only violates his status but also affects his right to self-defense because the prosecutor’s office has 15 more days to conclude its investigation in the case and he “still has” to defend himself. Don’t have the necessary resources and time.”

One of the other irregularities associated with the case is the evidence provided by the authorities against him.

A few days after his arrest, his house was raided and thanks to this, the Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, claimed to have significant evidence against him. He even commented that the name “Rocío San Miguel” appeared in an operation order seized from a soldier detained in connection with the same assassination plan, confirming his “link” to the operation.

Saab accused San Miguel of “treason”, “terrorism” and “conspiracy” linked to the alleged “White Bracelet” plan that sought to assassinate Nicolás Maduro.

They were to disseminate the progress to the press, generate “communication relations with the military population,” and “coordinate” the defense of the officers involved through their NGO, Citizen Control, the Chavista officer said.

The case of San Miguel caused so much concern in the international community accustomed to Maduro’s perception and censorship practices that Spain’s foreign minister, Jose Manuel AlberesTalked with his Venezuelan counterpart, Yvan GillRegarding the activist with dual nationality, to pursue her release.

This also United Nations warned about this “Systematic pattern of enforced disappearances temporary in Venezuela” which has been “documented for years by UN bodies” and is responsible for the authoritarianism of the Caracas regime.

(With information from AFP)

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