Video: Amusement park ride collapses, injuring 17 in India

How horrible! This Tuesday (22), an amusement park ride in Ajmer, in the region of Rajasthan, in northern India, fell from a height of 10 meters and left about 17 people injured. The moment was recorded by witnesses and went viral on social media.

The video shows the toy spinning normally. Suddenly, when speeding up, one of the cables comes loose from the main structure and causes an abrupt fall. The record also showed the desperation of those close by, and it is possible to hear the screams of people running to help the injured.

According to the British tabloid Mirror, despite the scare and the shocking video, the victims did not suffer serious injuries. Most would have been referred to JLN Hospital and diagnosed with bone fractures only. Local police also pointed out that the break in the cable was what, in fact, led to the accident.

Also according to the authorities, the owner of the amusement park and those responsible for maintaining the toy will still be questioned, but should be held responsible for the fall. Watch the video:

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