Video: The impact of a tugboat due to ignorance destroyed the hull of a yacht in Margarita

The hull of a yacht was destroyed by impact with a tugboat at Margarita.

A tugboat collided with the hull of a yacht, leaving a hole in its midstructure. Unable to steer properly after the incident, the yacht collided with another vessel, causing significant damage. Due to this incident the ferry has been temporarily immobilized to carry out urgently needed repairs.

By Fran Tovar | Costa del Sol

A tugboat operated by an alleged captain without the necessary expertise to operate this type of vessel impacted the lower hull of the Conifer, which was anchored near the boarding dock on Margarita Island in the state of Nueva Esparta, meaning That it remains out of vogue for the high season of Easter.

What is unknown so far is whether the accident occurred in Guanta or in Punta de Piedras, what is clear is that it will be out of service for a long time.

According to video audio, the tugboat was being powered by a single engine when it collided with the ship.

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