ViiZzzm is the new Giants Crew content creator

The world of esports is increasingly linked to that of content creators, either because many of them have decided to create their own club (like Ibai with KOI) or because clubs are betting on these creators to expand their brand.

Within this last category is giantsthe Malaga esports club that has its own section of content creators, Giants Crewwhich this week is reinforced with new talent to grow the brand of the giants.

Vctor ViiZzzm Zhu, the new great streamer of Valorant

Just yesterday Giants announced the arrival of Vctor ViiZzzm Zhu, a streamer specialized in Valorant, the competitive shooter from Riot Games, although he also plays other titles such as Call of Duty: Warzone or League of Legends and which has experienced exponential growth in recent months thanks to its acid humor.

“I am very excited for my teammates who are all idols to me. Also because thanks to this opportunity to learn a little more about this world,” says ViiZzzm, who has her first experience in an esports club at Giants. He combines his creative facet with that of a graphic designer.

Therefore, from now on ViiZzzm joins a crew with other well-known creators such as Abby, Lembo, Leviathan, Hitboxking, AlfonBTA, Jesskiu, Baptistao, Th3Antonio, Oscar Brock, Xamork and MattsinLife.


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