Warlander is as if League of Legends and Overwatch had a child

Warlander is the new proposal toylogic Y Plaionwhich feels very similar to works that already have a good following of fans, such as Overwatch and League of Legends.

And it is that Warlander uses the unwritten rule of the world of video games, where a genre is seized and explodes beyond power.

Although in this case they risk a little more, achieving a unique flavor for the work, with a MOBA which is at the same time an action game, and a “hero shooter”.

Which gives us a title that although it will not break sales, it does establish itself as an interesting option in pc.

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Warlander (Toylogic)

What’s Warlander like?

Warlander is based on fights between 2 teams which, in the style MOBAthey have to destroy the enemy core before the opposing combo destroys it first.

Warlander also features towers that serve as checkpoints, plus you start with level one characters.

As you progress through the game and earn points, you’ll be able to improve your avatar and get new weapons that will give you certain advantages over your opponents.

Now, these mechanics are combined with other particular ones of the “hero shooter” and action games; Well, here we have a camera, which behaves like a third-person game, positioning itself behind your character.

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Warlander (Toylogic)

Besides the gameplay it is filled with unique and magical abilities, which are executed in the same way as in works like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta.

Without forgetting that you must have a very good aim when it comes to going on the offensive in Warlander, leaving aside the attacks by zones as it happens in games like League of Legends.

This can work against you a bit, since having direct action, there will be times when you forget that it is a team game and focus only on defeating everything that moves on the screen.

A serious mistake, because if the opposing team is clear about the tactic to follow, they will have an advantage, causing your team to suffer one defeat after another.

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Warlander (Toylogic)

However, if you can get into Warlander’s tone, you’ll find it to be quite a fun piece of work.

What else does Warlander offer?

As a good topical game, Warlander appeals to the personalization and specialization in almost all its aspects.

Warlander handles different lessonssuch as the cleric, the mage or the fighter, who can assume the classic roles, support, tank and attack (ranged and melee).

There are several configurations of weapons and attacks, and all have a slot for a ranged secondary weapon, which does not do much damage; but it is useful in strategies when it is not convenient to approach the enemy.

For its part, the customization in Warlander is extensive enough to keep us entertained for a while, not to mention that it has a large deck of characters for battles.

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Warlander (Toylogic)

Although the bad thing is that you can only access the new ones Warriors when you earn points in battle and have a great performance in the match.

As for the setting, the game has an aesthetic medieval with huge scenarios, supporting up to 40 players divided into two teams; as well as a mode of 100 players in 5 combined.

Finally, Warlander looks very good and meets what is expected of a game at this time, as well as its sound part; although with nothing else to highlight.

Is Warlander worth it?

Warlander It may well pass as one of those many filler games for pcwhich is mostly fun, without aspiring to more.

Its style that combines several modes adds quite a few points, as do its multitudinous modes; but it is unlikely that he will dethrone the kings of the respective genres.

If you like action games, hero shooter either MOBAWarlander without a doubt is an option that you should try at least once.

Well, it will give you a little of each of these, in adequate doses; in one of those and you find your new favorite massive title.

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