We chatted with the developers of the game that launches on April 18

‘Minecraft Legends’ has been presented in the Developers_Direct and as a main part of its section in the first Xbox “direct type” show, They have shown details of the PvP of this installment along with its release date. The right words to describe this game mode would be, as they say on Mojang, “chaotic fun”.

In Xataka Mexico we had the opportunity to chat about all this with two of the heads that run ‘Minecraft Legends’Dennis Ries and Lee Pederson, executive producers for Mojang Studios and Blackbird Interactive, respectively. Let’s see what they told us.

As we have already commented at the beginning of the text, the developers at Mojang and Blackbird talk about the PvP of ‘Minecraft Legends’ as one of the “chaotic fun”. So Dennis and Lee helped us extend that definition a bit to understand the why behind that label.

Dennis: There were several prototypes and ways to organize the PvP mode of ‘Minecraft Legends’. We were testing them and we created different game systems within the title, based on this, we ended up designing a PvP that we can only describe as fun and chaotic.

Dennis: We wanted to do something fun and still feel coherent with the world of ‘Minecraft’, but at the same time we wanted to avoid it being like pasting ‘Minecraft’ into a strategy game, so with that in mind we developed everything.

read: ‘Minecraft Legends’ has its own spirit, which gives reason to what we call “chaotic fun”. Not only how to play, but what we play with, resource management, strategy and action. Also, because the world is procedurally generated, each game takes place in a new world that does things differently.

There are those who could confuse ‘Minecraft Legends’ as a title of the RTS genre or real-time strategy, for its acronym in English. However, for Blackbird Interactive and Mojang Studios, ‘Minecraft Legeds’ is not defined as an RTSa genre that houses installments such as ‘Starcraft’ or ‘Age of Empires’.

Minecraft Legends 02

The next installment of ‘Minecraft’ is an action and strategy game that tries to define its own path without being pigeonholed. His roll goes for the action and although resource management and buildings are important, the strong point that defines the game is completely this: the action.

Dennis: There are many differences with respect to traditional RTS, we do not consider ‘Minecraft Legends’ as a game of that genre. It is a delivery of strategic action, which just points more to that, to action. It faces two factions, which can have from one to four players each and which poses a strategic confrontation between the two.

Developing a strategy installment is never easy and a lot must be thought of so that, in the end, the title feels like an experience worth playing. Lee Pederson tells us a little about the challenges they faced during development of ‘Minecraft Legends’, mainly, about the balance.

read: I think one of the things we spent the most time studying was game balance. Everything had to be balanced so that there was not a significant advantage between the teams and that the resources were well distributed for each of these groups. In the end, these are a fundamental part of the game because you build and develop with them.

Minecraft Legends 01

Speaking of balance, one of the problems that could arise in ‘Minecraft Legends’ is that the creation of objects and constructions, causing players to master a diamond mine and control this material. From what Lee told us, it seems that these types of issues will not occur in the game.

read: We intentionally made game adjustments to avoid exactly that scenario. In this case, ‘Minecraft Legends’ is more like other action and strategy games than the basic ‘Minecraft’ game. In the campaign, the player has to find all the different resources to build all the different types of units and structures. And since the piglin bases offer different strategic challenges, players will have to use all those different units and structures to defeat them.

read: The same thing happens in PvP, but instead of having to counter the different piglin units, you will have to counter the other team. Different resources build different units and structures, and there is a rock-paper-scissors relationship between all of them. Each team can change their resources to adjust their strategies in order to outperform the other team.

In addition, they also told us about the characterization of our characters in the game. Much of the community had been wondering for a while if they could migrate their character designs from ‘Minecraft Vanilla’ to ‘Minecraft Legends’.

Unfortunately, at launch at least, this isn’t going to be possible, though Dennis and Lee give us some encouragement by mentioning that there will be a wide range of skins among which we can choosevery much in the style of ‘Minecraft Dungeons’.

Minecraft Legends 03

Moving on to a more statistical topic, ‘Minecraft’ tends to attract many players in childhood ages the aesthetics of the world, its colors and how intuitive many of its mechanics are usually fit perfectly with that audience.

Despite this, we had our doubts about ‘Minecraft Legends’, because the strategy is not only a bit complicated for a certain sector, but it can also be very frustrating, even for the most experienced players in this type of title. Fortunately for us, Lee assured us that there will be many tutorials and guides that will be able to help the more infantile audience and those who are not used to the genre.

read: It can certainly be a bit more complicated, but it’s not that bad either. Even ‘Minecraft’ itself incorporates really complex mechanics that a lot of young players in the world learn and master. In addition, we will have many tutorials to try so that no one gets lost.

read: We even believe that playing with friends is a great idea for users who are learning and trying out different roles. Some could be the ones that attack and others the ones that build or go for resources. So there are a lot of options to make us feel more comfortable while we get the mode.

Minecraft Legends 04

‘Minecraft Legends’ It will be published on April 18. this year and will be released for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. Therefore, there are no excuses not to try this installment if you are excited about these types of titles or if you are a fan of the franchise, it will be available everywhere.

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