Welcome to League of Legends Season 13!

Over the past few weeks, players have had a chance to try out what Riot Games introduced with the Preseason 2023 from League of Legends. Thus, the developer has adjusted both the champions and the new objects to leave everything ready for the new LoL Season 13. Not only that, but we have experienced the return of an old target that disappeared at the beginning of the season 12.

To all this we add elements such as the new jungle or the new communication system. Well, after a long time of waiting, Riot Games has finally officially presented us with Season 13 of League of Legends. So we can now welcome you to a season who will be with us until the end of this year 2023. Are you ready for everything we are going to enjoy?

LoL Season 13 is here

A new season of League of Legends is a new opportunity to continue climbing in the ranked queues and leave behind the results of past campaigns. it will be with him patch 13.1 of League of Legends, that is, that version that will be presented to us by the Tuesday January 10 and which will enter into force on the early morning of January 11when all the players can start their new adventure in the ranked of the MOBA. You know, everything will start with those 10 placements.

The preseason has served for all users to learn what Riot Games has implemented in the video game. The new communication system has become more than useful for all players, especially when talking about the view. If we go to the champions, it is clear that the items of tanks They have completely broken up these past few weeks.

The new season will bring many new features that Riot Games has presented to us in a short video. finally we will see some skins for those champions who haven’t received a new cosmetic in years. What if, Kalista it’s on the list. That restart of the ranked queues will also arrive in the middle of the season, as well as the disappearance of the hateful Smurf Queue.

Finally, we will live the reworks or small updates to champions like Skarner, Aurelion Sol or Neeko. And yes, we will finally have with us the expected rework Ahri’s eye. We will even experience the release of that long-awaited monster and the support of Ixtal!

All this and much more comes with a more than expected Season 13 of LoL.

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