What are the answers to today’s LoLdle? (03/21/2013)

Some time ago a web portal was born that allows us to demonstrate our Knowledge of League of Legends day yes and day too. His name is Loldle and, as in the Wordle and its derivatives, we will have to discover several hidden words. From a MOBA champion to a splash art hidden, we will have to try to get it out the first time or at least as soon as possible.

As it can be frustrating at times, we are going to give you a hand. If you have tried it on many occasions and you cannot get any of the answers from this LoLdle, we leave you all the solutions. Of course, do not look for them before you have spent a good time trying to solve them with your own hand. After all, that’s the funnest part of this new on-line.

If you don’t want to know what LoLdle’s answers are, We recommend you not to continue reading below.

Here you have all the answers to the LoLdle of the day 03/21/2023

The first of the games is to discover the hidden champion. On this occasion we are faced with the following clues: Male, Top, Chemically Altered, Human, Health costs, Melee, Zaun and 2009 are the clues that leave us. Faced with all that, the only possible answer is Dr. Mundo. We have the big clue in that Chemically Altered / Human and, of course, in the Health costs.

The next part has to do with a phrase from a champion. In this case, the phrase in question is “We are in this together. Darkness and light«. After hearing this phrase, there is a character who says it but is not playable. Do you know who we mean? Indeed, it is Alune, the sister of Aphelios. However, in LoLdle you will have to select the shooter as the correct answer.

The ability It is one of the most complicated parts of this game. And you have to know them all to be able to guess it without problems. Not only that, but the web shows us the splash art of this ability in another direction to the original, so we will have to guess which character it belongs to with an extra range of difficulty. If you want to know which one has played on this occasion, it has been the [R] – Fizz Shark Bait.

Let’s go for a little more. Now we are going to try to solve which LoL champion can hide behind a series of emojis. The symbol of a horsea womena pair of chains and one sword. Who could it be? On this occasion we are faced with fill.

And we come to the last of the games of this LoLdle. This consists of guessing which champion it is by means of the reflection of one of his splash arts, including its aspects. Today, the solution is quite simple, since we see a kind of flying saucer. It is nothing more and nothing less than Bard’s Astronaut aspect.

These are all the answers to today’s LoLdle. We will update this article day after day so that you always have the answers at your fingertips.

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