What did Elon Musk say about Xavier Miley’s speech in Davos?

(CNN Spanish) — Argentine President Javier Meili was one of the speakers at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday. In a speech unusual for the context and for his audience, he warned that “the West is in danger” and offered a lengthy explanation about the risks of “socialism” and “collectivist” policies. The president said, “Those who are supposed to defend Western values ​​find themselves co-opted into a vision of the world that leads inevitably to socialism and, as a consequence, poverty.”

Once again, tycoon Elon Musk echoed Argentina’s statements. “Good explanation of what makes a country more or less prosperous,” Musk wrote on Instagram, sharing a video of Miley’s performance.


“thank you so much…!!!!”, Answer Miley in English quoting Musk’s message.

What did Miley say in Davos?

One of the axes of Miley’s speech was an affirmation of capitalism. “Far from being the cause of our problems, free enterprise capitalism, as an economic system, is the only tool we have to end hunger, poverty and homelessness across the planet.”

He also pointed to social justice, one of the points that has generated tension in the past with the Catholic Church and Pope Francis, who is also Argentinian. At Davos, Miley insisted: “The problem is that social justice is not fair, but it does not contribute to general well-being; on the contrary, it is unfair because it is violent. It is unfair because the state is forced through it. Funding is done by taxes and taxes are paid by force.”

In more than one excerpt from his speech at Davos, the libertarian defended that capitalism is “just and morally superior.”

His criticism of socialism was, surprisingly, one of the points that Miley emphasized most: “It is an impoverishing phenomenon that has failed in all the countries where it has been attempted; it is an economic, There was a failure socially, culturally and “he also said more than 100 million human beings were murdered.”

He also claimed that “socialists” replaced class struggle with “ridiculous unnatural fighting between man and woman, such as the so-called class struggle”. And he pointed against “radical feminism”, which he attributed to greater interference by the state and “giving jobs to bureaucrats who contributed nothing to society, whether it was women or women, to promote this agenda. be it in the form of ministries or international organizations.”

Finally, at the end of his speech, Xavier Miley addressed the businessmen present and absent at the World Economic Forum. He invited them not to allow themselves to be intimidated by the “political caste”, nor by those he called “parasites living off the state”, and not to “surrender to a political class that seeks only power.” Wants to stay in the U.S. and maintain his privileges.” ,

Miley: The West is in danger

Argentina’s President Javier Meili during his presentation at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Miley and Musk’s friendship has ideological and business background

This wasn’t the first time that Musk and Miley exchanged compliments in X. “Prosperity is ahead for Argentina,” wrote the SpaceX boss upon learning of the libertarian’s victory in Argentina.

In September 2023, Elon Musk praised an interview that far-right host Tucker Carlson conducted with Miley, who was a candidate at the time, on his program on Twitter. “A very interesting conversation that goes far beyond Argentina in the topics discussed,” Musk wrote in response to the episode at the time.

Although some experts believe that the sympathies between the two have ideological roots, there is also a commercial interest between them regarding the prospects of various businesses that Musk is interested in developing in Argentina.

One of those businesses deals with lithium, an important energy source for electric vehicles. The Andean salt fields of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile hold more than 50% of global lithium reserves, according to a report on the non-fuel minerals industry from the US Geological Survey’s National Mineral Information Center published in January 2023.

A Starlink logo on a screen next to a photo of Elon Musk (Credit: Ismail Aslandag/Anadolu via Getty Images)

A Starlink logo on a screen next to a photo of Elon Musk (Credit: Ismail Aslandag/Anadolu via Getty Images)

Other potential business concerns the expansion of Starlink satellite broadband internet service in Argentina. Three days after Miley’s victory in the runoff, the official Starlink site was changed to show that the service would be available in Argentina starting in 2024. Then, in an exchange with a user on the social network

However, Starlink had already received authorization to operate in the country from the National Communications Entity (ANACOM) through Resolution 1291/2020 published in the Official Gazette in December 2020. Furthermore, in March 2022, Starlink was registered as a company with the General Inspection of Justice. Furthermore, SpaceX’s international prices for service make it uncompetitive in the Argentine market.

With information from Aleja Páez, Joaquin Doria and Sofia Benavides from CNN en Español.

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