What happened on America’s second goal against Atlas?

The game, which ended with Santamaría’s ejection and a penalty scored by Henry Martín, was preceded by a handball from Diego Valdés.

first part of the duel between Atlas And America ended in the middle of Controversy ref, because whistler Fernando Guerrero Expulsion upheld for red and black defenders Anderson Santamaria And a punishment In favor of the Azulcrema club, despite the fact that the said game had taken place before a hand diego valdes,

During the last seconds before the break, Álvaro Fidalgo sent a ball into the right corner of the red and black area which diego valdes came this low Henry Martin However, the defender ended up on goal. Anderson Santamaria He interfered with his right hand in the last row and was sent off.

while whistler Fernando Guerrero Showed the way to the locker room for the defender, the artist of AtlasLed by captain Aldo Rocha and defender Martin Nervo, Whistler sought diego valdes He brought the ball down with his right hand and controversy broke out on the field at the Jalisco Stadium when replays showed the above.

Although there was contact between the ball and the hand diego valdesWhistler upheld the decision and proceeded to collect a punishmentwhich was eventually noted Henry MartinWho proved himself right after failing on the spot before the 17th minute.

ref analyst espn, Felipe Ramos Rizzo, believed that Whistler’s decision was correct. “Okay, agreed.” a punishment And expulsion, as per the rules,” he said.

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