What is Gorilla Walking, exercise for coordination

Walking like a gorilla is great fun and will improve your strength, coordination and balance./Photo: Puma.


It sounds simple, but the exercise that mimics the gait of this great ape is very difficult and will help you get in shape.

by Marcos Lopez

March 17, 2024 / 08:30

It was the summer of 2001 when Melody’s “The Gorilla Dance” took to the dance floors of half the world (and emerged victorious). And more than two decades later, more and more people are once again mimicking the tune’s simian movements in their workouts. More specifically, to follow “the” gorilla trek», an exercise that involves the main muscle groups of the body, including the core and some joints that support more tension, such as wrist and hip,

This exercise, as its name suggests, recreates the way these great apes walked, articulate adrian rodriguezPersonal Trainer,” involves moving on multiple planes simultaneously, which is a great challenge and tests our strength, coordination and balance, So much so that, although it is beneficial at any age, this training routine is especially ideal when you are over 50.

It is not exactly the same as it was done in the song and dance. the first thing you have to do Bend over, as if you are going to squat With legs wide. is next Clench each hand into a fist and place them on the floor, which will support a large portion of your weight. It is important that you maintain a straight posture and not arch your back.

Are you already in position? It’s time to move: raise your fists off the ground, push your body forward and support them again – be careful not to fall. Now push with both feet, separate them from the ground and place them back at fist level. You have already taken the first step. But don’t limit yourself to just moving: Do this from the back and side also. This last movement requires more coordination and demand.

Millions of years ago our ancestors decided to adopt a bipedal posture. But don’t be surprised if, whether in your gym or on the street, you see someone who marches like a gorilla. this exercise is infinite benefits, And it’s a lot of fun too. join up. Your whole body will thank you. Now is the time, once again, and as Melody sings, “Like gorillas, we all go.”

It’s more than doing sit-ups. Like any other exercise that requires balance, the gorilla walk involves lateral movements. core musclesThe obliques, especially the abdominals, should exert a lot of effort to stabilize you and prevent you from falling. And to this is added the posture of walking on all fours Due to which the weight falls mostly on the shouldersWhich will become much stronger in the long run.

You spend a lot of time sitting. And when you get up from the chair (or sofa), it’s to move in a straight line. This causes the hip flexor muscles to shorten and become more stiff due to lack of use. The solution is found in the “lateral gorilla walk”, which rotates and extends the hips not only forward and backward, but in multiple levels. from side to side and also in rotational motion», highlights Adrián Rodríguez.

But it’s not just about the hips: The wrists also rotate in many planesIncrease your flexibility and range of motion.

When walking like a gorilla, you transfer your weight between your arms and legs, which requires, in addition to balance and stability. great muscle coordination, Especially in lateral activities. You may also notice that the synchronization (and strength) of your upper and lower extremities is greater on one side than the other. Don’t worry. This is normal. With practice, both sides, the “good” and the “bad”, will become stronger and more equal.

Gorillas are completely adept at this. Humans, not so much. And although it may seem so, it is not easy at all. As the expert points out, ”Great effort is required to alternate the weight between the limbs. Your heart will have to be at work. Get ready to sweat.

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