What is mending in Minecraft and what is it for?


The mending or repair enchantment is essential for Minecraft, and here we tell you about the two methods to get it.

What is mending in Minecraft and what is it for?
What is mending in Minecraft and what is it for?

The most striking of Minecraft It is that it is an open world with all kinds of mechanics to take advantage of, which the player discovers through experimentation. One of the most useful functions for all our games is the mending, and here we tell you what it is and how it works.

begging is a enchantment in Minecraft aka repair. It basically allows us to enchant a piece with this, and it will repair itself as you gain experience. It is essential for diamond tools as it will prevent them from breaking.

How to get mending or repair in Minecraft

There are two ways to get mending in Minecraft. We will need a repair book; the most popular way to obtain it is through a librarian villager. If we don’t find one we can attract it and making it learn the profession, giving it a lectern. Now we only have to change an emerald and a book, to receive an enchanted book. If it is not mending, we can remove the lectern and put it back to refresh the selection.

The other way is to find it in the world through a treasurebut this is a more direct way, but also it is less likely that we will run into a repair book. In this way we can try our luck, but it will not be as effective as the villager’s method.

That’s all you need to know about how to get mending books in Minecraft. Once you get it you’ll want to make the most of the enchantment, and use it for your most valuable tools and armor.

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