“What Mbappé is doing is a scandal; Luis Enrique has the ability to pull it off. What is this circus?


Not a day goes by when the situation in France and the world is not discussed. kilian mbappe, Following his decision to leave at the end of the season, the player faced a lot of criticism and the decision itself brought even more criticism. luis enrique To find out the minutes.

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In the last games of PSG, Mbappé has been replaced by the coach, who assures that he will have to “get used to” playing without Kylian because next season he will not be with him.

mbappeFor his part, he held his own after being substituted in the last match against Monaco, walking around the field, taking selfies and sitting in the box with his mother.

In France they are very critical of the situation and one of those who highlights the matter the most is the former PSG player, Christophe DugarryWho also played for Barça.

As a commentator of RMC SportsDugarry spoke about both his heroes, Mbappé and Luis Enrique, praising both of them for how they handled the situation.

First about the coach: “For the first time at PSG, a coach has the courage to fire him because he is not well. I think they don’t like his qualities and his attitude on the field. Luis Enrique is always provocative. It is a matter of great regret. What surprises me is his explanation. Three months in and he’s not planning anything. Is your team better without Mbappé? show us.”

In form of mbappe: “What Mbappé is doing is a scandal. He is the captain of the team, the captain of the French team, he should not behave like this. Luis Enrique has the right to remove it, but he doesn’t have to do so. What did he do, the selfie, the victory lap, what is this circus? “What the hell is this?”

PSG is playing against Real Sociedad to make its place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League and everyone is waiting for this match to see what will happen between the two. Kylian Mbappe and Luis Enrique,

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