What should I eat on an empty stomach to lose weight: the perfect list

While a healthy, balanced diet makes weight management easier, there are a number of Foods that can be eaten or taken on an empty stomach Because they favor the acceleration of the metabolic system and, therefore, help reduce weight more quickly.

Know the list best food What can you eat and what can you eat on an empty stomach to lose them? Extra kilos.

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What to eat and what to eat on an empty stomach to lose weight?

There is ample scientific evidence that indicates the importance of following a plan healthy and balanced diet lose and keep healthy weightIt is also considered an essential factor to achieve this objective.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, a Healthy Diet This should include a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as low-fat dairy products, foods rich in protein and vegetable oils (olive, canola).

Although a diet that includes these foods helps control weight, there is one thing A variety of foods that can be eaten or taken on an empty stomach To promote the acceleration of metabolic system and reduce excess body fat more quickly. Pay attention to the list of foods and their benefits.

#avocado: Rich in potassium and magnesium, this exotic fleshy fruit contains folic acid, vitamin B which controls the feeling of hunger.

#Apple: The apple peel provides pectin, a fiber naturally present in fruits that helps create a feeling of satiety and delay fat absorption.

#watermelon: This fruit has a very high water content, which promotes the purification of fat in the body; Additionally, its diuretic effect makes watermelon ideal for detoxifying the body more easily.

#watermelon: Like watermelon, this fruit also contains a lot of water so it helps in removing and purifying body fat; In addition, it has a great diuretic effect, promoting detoxification of the body.

#Lemon juice: This citrus fruit helps reduce excess weight and bloating and improves digestion.

#beet juice: It is rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, flavonoids and betanin, which help in removing fluid from the body. Being rich in fibre, it also has a satiating effect which reduces appetite and facilitates consumption of smaller portions.

#Grape juice: This other citrus fruit contains abundant amounts of vitamin C and papain, an enzyme that breaks down fat molecules.

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What should you eat in the morning to lose weight?

He Breakfast It is very important to start the day by energizing our body. So, if you are one of those people who wake up with a fierce appetite or you are one of those people who wake up ready with a cup of coffee, always eating something in the morning will help you face the rest of the day in a better way. will gain help in.

It is wrong to think that it is convenient to avoid breakfast or fast for several hours reduce weight. Let me tell you that it is possible to include good food in the morning Without it it means retaining fat or not being able to reduce calories.

Signal Eating healthy in the morning and collaborating on a diet plan to lose weight, this is Combine carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

below are some Healthy morning meal options And help in losing weight:

1. Oat flakes with skimmed milk or, if you prefer, with vegetable milk.

2. Oatmeal Crepes Salty

3. Kefir.

4. Whole wheat bread sandwich with turkey, apple and skim or mild cheese.

5. Whole wheat toast with avocado and skimmed or mild fresh cheese.

6. Whole Wheat Toast with Avocado and Hard-Boiled Eggs

7. Pancakes with oatmeal with fruit.

8. French omelette or omelette in which you can add turkey breast or sweet ham and mild cheese.

9.tOrtilla with oats and spinach

10. Skimmed or low-fat yogurt with fruit and whole grains.

Eleven. Skimmed or low-fat yogurt with rolled oats.

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