What wild Pokémon can be a Ditto? (March 2023)

In this guide, we tell you which Pokémon can be Ditto transformed in Pokémon GO in March 2023, tips, and how to capture its Shiny form.

Ditto is undoubtedly one of the Most Mysterious and Wanted Pokémon in Pokémon GO. This being capable of transforming into any Pokémon has captured the attention of all players who have known the franchise for more than 20 years. In this guide, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Ditto in Pokémon GOfrom how to capture it to how to get your Shiny form either which pokemon transforms into in march 2023.

Join us to discover all the mysteries and secrets of Ditto. You will learn how this elusive Pokémon hides in the mobile game, how to increase your chances of finding it in the game or even what rules govern their presence. In addition, we will provide you with tips and tricks to get the most out of Ditto in combats, events and special missions. Don’t wait any longer and keep reading to become a true master of Ditto in Pokémon GO!

Discovering Ditto in Pokémon GO

Ditto in its original form in Pokémon GO

Ditto is one of the most special Pokémon in Pokémon GO since it first appeared. This bubblegum-like creature with a fancy face is famous for its ability to transform into other Pokémon, making it quite a challenge for players of this mobile game to do so.

What exactly is Ditto and why is it so difficult to capture?

Ditto is a Normal-type Pokémon. whom we all know for his transformative skills. His main move in the original games is Transform, which allows him to copy the look and abilities of his opponents. In Pokémon GO, Ditto takes a very similar approach, in that always appears “hidden”disguised as other common Pokémon.

The problem that this causes is that, you never know if you’re really catching the Pokémon that appears or a Ditto, since it has been transformed into him. It is something similar to what happens in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, added to the fact that its spawn rate has never been fully clarified, since there are no tricks to distinguish a normal Pokémon from a Ditto transformed into a Pokémon. You will only know when you have captured it, since the transformation will be reversed if it is this peculiar creature.

What Pokémon Ditto Transforms Into – List Updated March 2023

Ditto transformed into another Pokémon in Pokémon GO

Stay up to date with news and changes of Pokémon GO is essential to capture Ditto, since the Pokémon that can be Ditto in disguise they change from time to time, as is happening with the ¡Vamos Allá! of March.

In this section, we are going to provide you with a updated list of Pokémon that can be a transformed Ditto in March 2023 within Pokémon GO. Thus, you will know perfectly which are the monsters to watch more closely, since they could be this elusive Pokémon in disguise.

Pokémon that can be a Ditto in disguise

These are the Pokémon that may be a Ditto in disguise in March 2023:

  • Corphish
  • Diglett
  • Grimer
  • litleus
  • roggenrola
  • snubbull
  • starry
  • Tympole

How to catch Ditto in Pokémon GO

Ditto capture process in Pokémon GO

Catch Ditto in Pokémon GO could be a challenge due to his ability to hide in plain sight. In this section, we offer you some strategies and tips on how to capture ditto and increase your chances of finding it in the game.

Strategies to catch Ditto

Capture Ditto in Pokémon GO requires patience and dedication. Here are some key strategies to increase your chances of catching this elusive Pokémon:

  • Be sure to capture all Pokémon from the list of possible Ditto in disguise that we mentioned above.
  • uses Incense and Bait Modules to attract more Pokémon and increase your chances of finding a Ditto.
  • Participate in special events of Pokémon GO, since Ditto can appear as a reward in research missions or challenges. In our Pokémon GO Let’s Alla event guide you have a perfect example of how easy it is to catch Ditto.
  • Join local player groups and keep an eye on social media for Ditto sightings in your area.

Ditto spawn rate and tricks to find it

The exact rate of appearance of Ditto in Pokémon GO it is not clear, since Niantic has not provided official data in this regard. However, Ditto is known to be a rare Pokemon, which means that the chances of encountering it are pretty low.

If you want to increase your chances of catching a Ditto, pay attention to those Pokémon that suddenly they are harder to catch than normal. Don’t be afraid if you run into a Shiny, since that will never become a Ditto. And, of course, keep in mind our list of possible Pokémon that it could have transformed into.

Ditto Shiny or Variocolor in Pokémon GO

Ditto shiny or variocolor in Pokémon GO

Now let’s focus on how to get a Shiny or Variocolor Ditto in Pokémon GOdealing with some tips and even the rules that determine the appearance of this alternative and even more slippery version of Ditto.

Tips for getting a Shiny Ditto

There is no definitive trick to capture Shiny Ditto in Pokémon GObut we can give you some tips that will increase your probability of getting one:

  1. Make sure you capture all non-Shiny versions of the Pokémon that may be a disguised Ditto.
  2. Participate in special events that offer a chance to obtain a Shiny Ditto as a reward from research quests or challenges. Or that they increase their frequency in the wild.

Rules for the appearance of Shiny or Shiny Ditto in the game

There are 2 fundamental rules that influence the appearance of Ditto variocolor or shiny in Pokémon GO. You should read them and keep them in mind when looking for this form, because they will save you time and trouble:

  1. If you come across the Shiny form of a Pokémon that could be a transformed Dittothat pokemon will not transform into a Ditto. Niantic has made sure not to spoil the joy of capturing a Shiny form for you.
  2. If you find a Pokémon that could turn into Ditto when caughtit may become a Ditto Shiny when you have captured it. You will see him in the sequence that reveals his real identity.

Keeping these tips and these simple rules in mind, you will have a better chance and you will know better how to catch a Shiny Ditto in Pokémon GO. Good luck on your search!

Ditto in Pokémon GO battles, gyms and events

Ditto in a gym battle in Pokémon GO

Strategies and curiosities of Ditto in combats and gyms

As you have already seen, Ditto It’s a quirky pokemon. And its rarity is even clearer when used in combats and gyms in Pokémon GO by using its ability to transform into the opposing Pokémon. Thanks to this, he can copy the movements of the enemy, but keeping his own stats and CP.

Can this be used? Let’s see some curiosities, tips and strategies to use Ditto to fight in Pokémon GO:

  1. Ditto always loses a turn to transformbut, if he has high CP, he can make things difficult for your opponent.
  2. Ditto always becomes the first Pokémon it faces.. He will remain in that form for the rest of the fight.
  3. If two Ditto face each other in a gym, neither of them will transform. How do they fight then? Using his only move besides Transform: Combat.
  4. You can use Ditto when facing Pokémon that are weak to its own types.but keep in mind that its stats will not change.

Ditto in Pokémon GO special events and missions

Ditto has appeared in various special events and missions Pokémon GOoffering players additional opportunities to capture it:

  1. Ditto has been reward on field research and special research missionsas for example in the Pokémon GO Tour of Kanto.
  2. During themed eventsDitto may appear more frequently or transformed into event-specific Pokémon.

Additional facts about Ditto

Ditto as a Buddy Pokémon in Pokémon GO

let’s see some extra facts about Ditto in Pokémon GOfocusing mainly on what the Pokédex says about him or how it works when carried as a Pokémon Partner.

Ditto’s Functions as a Buddy Pokémon and in the Pokédex

To finish off, we are going to see some Ditto’s most important functions and features as a Buddy Pokémonas well as key data about its Type or what the Pokédex says about it:

  1. Ditto is a Normal Type Pokémon that does not evolve
  2. The Pokédex mentions that Ditto manages to change appearance because he is able to reorganize its cellular structure.
  3. if you wear it like partner pokemonthe distance you must walk to get a Caramel Ditto It is 3 kilometers.
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Ditto on the official Pokémon website

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