What would the Jewish quarter of Córdoba look like in Minecraft? Another way to take advantage of video games

Cordova via Minecraft: gamification in the classroom, videogames as a professional opportunity and responsible use’. The City of Córdoba and Fundecor (University Foundation for the Development of the Province of Córdoba) have organized a training program with which it is intended to develop gamification actions as a learning and teaching tool through the use of video game safely and as a way to find employment.

Currently, the program is in a phase of recruitment of participants in which look for educational centers high school, high school, professional training and university students who participate free of charge in this initiative, aimed at adolescents and young people from 13 years old already teachers.

teach with minecraft

The project intends develop skills for him teamworkthe commitment of the participants, the search for objective results and the promotion of a safe gamein which the good use of social networks and video games prevails, preventing gambling and bullying and promoting respect for diversity and a positive and enriching gaming experience.

In this line, the opportunities of the video game sector for young people will also be presented who want to open a professional path in this ambit. There will also be a seminar for teachers to learn gamification tools that they can use in the classroom and notions about Minecraft Education Editiongiving up 300 annual licenses Free for participating centers.

Mosque-Cathedral recreated in Minecraft. MINECRAFTCORDOBA.ES

How to take part?

To participate in this program, the teachers or those responsible for the different ESO, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and university centers in the city can register one or more of their classes to receive the different workshops that we offer. As noted, the workshops are intended for students from the age of 13 already teachers. Registration can be done on the website minecraftcordoba.es.

Create the Jewish quarter while learning

The first phase of the project consists of carrying out a diagnosis on the use of gamification in teaching. From there, preventive talks will be held in educational centers with the motto ‘outside toxicity‘. This workshop aims to promote good use and management of video games and social networks, as well as ethical, team, cooperative and fair play.

The employability of video games and the training of teachers in this matter as a learning tool are two other modules of the project, which is completed with the use of the Minecraft video game as a means of learning about Córdoba and its character as a heritage city. This action, titled ‘Córdoba through Minecraft’will put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classroom in a team competition in which the objective will be the simulation of the Jewish quarter of Córdoba, which is part of the declaration of World Heritage by Unesco that holds the Historic Center of the City.

Each center, within its level of learning and with the support of experts, will recreate our city within the world platform, and will make it accessible for any user of ‘Minecraft Education Edition‘ can play on it. In addition, the winners will enjoy a fun experience in the Puy du Fou Historical Park (Toledo).

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