When does LoL Season 13 officially start?

League of Legends preseason 2023 is about to come to an end. Everything is ready to make way for the new Season 13 of LoL that will allow us to scale in the ladder of the MOBA. Players are eager to start their adventure through the ranked queues and go much further than they did back in 2022. The big question was when this new campaign was going to start, if this Friday or for next week.

Well, all these doubts have already been resolved. After the presentation of the Pre-Patch 13.1 NotesFinally we know that Season 13 of League of Legends will start with the new version. This means that between next Tuesday, January 10, and Wednesday, January 11 It will be the moment in which we live the end of the preseason and start the long-awaited Season 13 of LoL.

LoL Season 13 already has a start date

The hype for this new season it is quite high. And it is not for less, since They are going to change the format to make the Only Q be much more competitive and force those players who want to take it seriously to take a step forward. Thus, instead of finding a season that lasts a whole year, now it will be divided in two splits that will allow us to obtain a different range in each of them.

will also be featuredskins victorious at the end of each of these splits. It even looks like rewards will be offered based on the total number of games players play.

For now, with this new Season 13 of LoL they will arrive nerfs about champions who have dominated the last versions, such as dr world either Zeriwhile others like Zion either Lissandra They will receive some other improvement.

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