Where to find all the NPCs of Chapter 4 T2?

The new season of Fortnitehas brought a lot of interesting content for the players, from offering rewards and missions to selling you weapons and resources, that is why knowing where each of the NPCs are has become a staple of the successful Battle Royale.

You should take note that some of these NPCs will even fight and will reward you with some cool items if you win. And it is that, part of the rewards is based on visiting many of these characters in the course of Chapter 4 Season 2 to complete certain missions and earn XP.

That’s why it’s worth taking a moment to study the list of available NPC characters, as well as trying to memorize their locations. Especially if we remember that in the last season, there are fewer NPCs than we’ve seen in recent seasons, making them harder to find. From classic characters to Battle Pass originals, here are all the NPCs and their current locations in Fortnite.

Location of Fortnite NPC characters in Chapter 4 Season 2

As you could see, there are not as many characters as in previous seasons; in fact, there are only 12 NPCs compared to the 46 that were available in Chapter 2 Season 6 (to give a clear example). On this map, you will be able to see all the marked NPCs:

Remember that there is also a boss on the map this season, it is about Highcard, which although does not appear in the NPC list. It can appear in three different random locations: mega city, Shattered Slabs either brutal bastion. So once you defeat Highcard he will drop the Havoc suppressed assault rifle of Highcard (a mythical weapon!) and a vault card to enter one of the vaults that appear near where it appears.

As always, it is likely that Epic Games add more NPCs as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 progresses so stay tuned for updates.

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