where to find slurpers to recover health or shield

The island of Fortnite contains countless new features in this Chapter 4 – Season 1, such as the island itself, or the appearance of motorcycles, kinetic ores and all kinds of elements with which we may already be more than accustomed.

But the island has also been invaded by a new type of creature such as sherbet jellyfish, better known as sorbusas. Some small allies that will help us recover or max out our health and shield, also serving as a kind of mini impulse grenade in the event that we find ourselves in a confrontation. Win-win.

These sorbusas have been with us for a couple of weeks now, but it is until now that they have become the protagonists of one of the weekly missions. A fairly simple one in fact, but one that we better complete before losing it, since the weekly missions no longer accumulate as before.

Where to find sorbusas in Fortnite

This mission challenges us gain health or shield by jumping on sorbusas, specifically a total of just 50 points. Something practically given because when we jump on one of them, or when we crash, we will add 20 points of what we need the most. So with just three impacts we will have the mission completed.

Of course, for this we have to have a margin of health or shield, that is, it will be of little use to get a group of sorbusas maxed out. If so, let’s try to find a cliff to drop from to lose a little life.

The where to find the sorbusas It is already another matter. well their locations are random between matches, so that nothing guarantees that in the place where we have seen them once, we will see them again the next. Of course, the sorbusas prefer warm biomesso it seems more likely to find them in areas around the Kinetic Quarry, the Citadel, Picturesque Plaza or Contraposed City.

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