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One of the weekly challenges in Fortnite Chapter 4 is hiding in a haystack. It seems easy enough until you realize the size of the island. Experienced players already know where to go, but those still exploring the map will have to spend time searching.

Currently, there are a total of 17 haystacks on the island of Fortnite. As expected, they are all located in and around Frenzy Fields. The detail is that the area is so wide that it will take several minutes to find the haystack if you don’t know where to look. As the terrain is flat, players will have to position themselves in an elevated area to spot one and go visit it with enough loot to avoid confrontations.

To save you the bad time, we share an image with all the haystacks currently available on the island of Fortnite.

Location of the haystacks in Fortnite

For newcomers to the game, haystacks can seem quite strange at first glance. However, for those who have played since Chapter 2 Season 1, they are well aware of how useful they can be.

Unlike other assets/objects present on the island, haystacks can not only be destroyed, but also interacted with. They fall under the classification of “hiding places” and they work exactly as one would imagine.

Players can interact with them to hide from enemies, but it doesn’t work against Falcon Scouts designed to scan areas for interactive items/assets and opponents.

Fortnite Is available in PS5Xbox Series X / S, PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile and last generation consoles, as well as on iOS through Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now.

FORTNITE | “Going in quiet” missions

  • Emote within 10m of a Cold Blooded member (1)
  • Damage opponents with a sniper rifle (500)
  • Search chests before taking damage (10)
  • Eliminate opponents with a suppressed pistol or shadow tracker (2)
  • Damage opponents while inside a large leafpile bush (200)
  • Use a flare gun to mark opponents (5)
  • Hide in a dumpster, haystack, or dump (2)
  • Collect gold bars from eliminated players (150)
  • Survive storm phases with full health (5)
  • Complete Going in Quiet Quests (7)
  • Distance covered swimming (200)
  • Damage opponents while crouched (300)

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