Where to find wolves and how to tame them

the wolves of Fortnite they’re somewhat common, but sometimes it seems like they’re invisible when you need them most. Especially with the new weekly challenge, since now, you have to know where they spawn in order to tame two wolves in a single game.

We’ve come up with some of the most popular Fortnite wolves locations that you can check out. Since, besides that, we share some other tips on how to find wolves easily, as well as a quick note on how to tame wolves.

How to tame wolves in Fortnite

Before locating the best locations, we share a quick review on how to tame wolves, or wild boars, in Fortnite. Whereas before you had to feed them and then pet them while they were distracted by their snack, these days it’s much easier to tame animals as you simply hop on their backs.

Approach a wolf and remember they are hostile and will probably attack you too but as soon as you jump on them they will be tamed so once tamed they will follow you and even attack enemies until you or they are killed .

Where to find wolves in Fortnite

Wildlife spawns somewhat randomly each round, but much like loot chests at your favorite landing spot, wolves, boars, chickens, and frogs will spawn more frequently in a few specific locations this season than in much of it makes up the southern hemisphere of the game’s new Chapter 4 map.

Popular wolves spawn locations in Fortnite

The challenge states that you must tame two wolves in a single match, but there is a workaround to make it easier. Play in a team-based mode as duos, trios, or squads, and tame a wolf, then have a teammate tame the same wolf. You will then be able to tame the wolf once more, completing the challenge with only one wolf.

Now, if you’re struggling, we recommend going for the Augment, Balloon Time, which will give you a bird’s-eye view of the island and help you spot wolves from longer distances.

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