Where to see ‘O Poder’, with Toni Collette and Electric Girls – 03/29/2023 – Ilustrada

What would happen to the world if, all of a sudden, teenage girls started releasing large electrical charges through their hands, potentially even electrocuting someone?

That’s what the British novel Naomi Alderman asks, now adapted into the suspense miniseries “O Poder”. Toni Colette and John Leguizamo are in the cast.

Amazon Prime Video, starting at 9pm, ages 16 and up

Jessie and Columbus

Imprisoned by the military dictatorship, the couple Colombo Vieira de Souza Junior and Jessie Jane Vieira de Souza exchanged letters over 10 years of detention. Her story is told in the documentary miniseries by Susanna Lira, with narration by Andréia Horta and Humberto Carrão.

Globoplay, 16 years old

The Night Agent

In this spy miniseries, an FBI agent tasked with monitoring a nighttime hotline receives a distress call, only to discover a deadly conspiracy involving the White House.

Netflix, 16 years old

Miley Cyrus – Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)

Singer Miley Cyrus presents tracks from her new album and gives exclusive interviews in the special, which features Rufus Wainwright.

Disney+, 10 years

My Dear Caretaker

In this Argentine sitcom, the caretaker of a high-end building acts as a helpful person in order to better manipulate the residents. With Guillermo Francella, from “The Secret in Their Eyes”.

Star+, 14 years old


The comedy in which Eddie Murphy plays a man dominated by a shrew, also played by him, competed with “SOS Malibu” to be shown by the Interactive Session, and won with 60% of the votes.

Megapix, 21h, 12 years old

Aline – The Voice of Love

Valérie Lemercier wrote, directed and played the lead role in this dramatic comedy, and even took the César award, the French Oscar, for best actress in 2021. The script is freely inspired by the life of Canadian singer Céline Dion.

AMC, 10pm, 14 years old

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