Which cell phone is better: HONOR Magic6 Lite 5G or Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, we measure their screens

Immerse yourself in the world of HONOR Magic6 Lite! A true banner of technology that challenges the limits of resistance.

Honor introduces its latest innovation to the tech market with the launch of Honor Magic6 Lite 5GA smartphone that is known for its advanced features such as Ultra-resistant screen with 360° anti-fall protectionA 5800mAh long lasting batteryAnd a 108MP main camera For high definition image capture.

The device is designed to provide users a premium experience by combining exceptional performance with elegant and contemporary aesthetics.

Looking at these announcements, we can say that this is a mobile that wants to measure itself against one of the cell phones that was recently launched on Samsung’s high-end market, the Galaxy S24 Ultra .

Therefore, at Infobay we do not sit still We wanted to test whether the HONOR proposal and Samsung’s proposal really measure up on screen and are as resistant as they promise.

Two devices, the HONOR Magic6 Lite and the Samsung S24 Ultra, were measured on the same test (Infobay)

To start with, we can say that in terms of durability, the HONOR Magic6 Lite 5G exceeds its expectations Reinforced Glass Honor Shield Glass 2.0Exhibits higher resistance than normal glass.

So, we took Honor with Galaxy and put them for testing at a height of 1.5 meters and in addition, we put the screen for testing with toes and tiles.

The result becomes apparent within seconds as the Galaxy S24’s screen doesn’t hold up and is cracked in several areas. A downside is that the mobile phone is the device that is used most every day and that is exposed on the street and in work areas.

We verify that HONOR Magic6 Lite 5G has revolutionized resistance and mobile photography

Another important fact that speaks well about the resistance is that it has achieved a Swiss SGS five-star drop resistance certificationWhich proves its ability to withstand impact from a height of up to 1.5 meters.

This phone is also a benchmark in terms of autonomy, its battery promises more than 72 hours of moderate use. DXOMark Battery Test,

In terms of technical specifications, the HONOR Magic6 Lite doesn’t skimp on 5G capabilities. It integrates 16GB of RAM, which is through technology honor ram turboEnables efficient memory management to provide users a seamless and fast experience.

Its internal storage reaches 256GB, ensuring enough space for applications, photos and videos. The device is powered by chipset Snapdragon 6 Generation 1Ideal for gaming enthusiasts, as its advanced 4nm construction significantly improves performance.

It is worth highlighting HONOR’s commitment to the image quality guaranteed by the HONOR Magic6 Lite 5G, which offers an impressive sensor for its main camera that allows detailed captures even in low light conditions. lThe 3x lossless zoom technology ensures that users can zoom in on their shots without compromising image resolution.

With a design inspired by fine watchmaking and careful care of details, this model shows a perfect balance between ergonomics and aesthetics, offering an ideal grip experience thanks to its weight of 185 grams and profile of 7.98 mm.

This launch positions HONOR as a reference in the high-end mobile telephony segment, confirming its position as a leader in innovation and quality within the technology industry.

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