Who is Governor Manuel Rosales, who registered at the last minute as a Venezuelan presidential candidate?

Governor of Venezuelan state Zulia, opposition manuel rozalesWas last political leader to run As a candidate for presidential election It will be held on July 28, the political party informed on Tuesday. neighborhood force (FV).

Rosales – who is joined by 12 candidates in the race – was nominated by an anti-Chavista group different from his own and called a new time (UNT), which belongs to the coalition Democratic Unitary Forum (PUD), which condemned the impossibility of registering a historian Corina Yoris As your candidate.

Fuerza Vacinal presented his candidacy at an event at the headquarters of the National Electoral Council (CNE), without the presence of the Julian Governor. he hasn’t talked yet About his candidature.

“We did it at the last minute because We were trying to get the biggest consensus from a unitary candidate And we will continue to work so that this candidate becomes more representative of the cause of unity and leader of the process of change in Venezuela,” he said. maximo sanchezOutside PUD, representative of FV.

Similarly, he said that during the day on Monday he held talks with UNT representatives, resulting in “unified candidature”, also nominated Rosales, without clarifying whether this political formation, allegedly prevented him from presenting a candidate.

Rosales was in exile and returned to Venezuela after making a deal with Chavismo.

manuel rozales Confronted the late former President hugo chavez (1999–2013) He won the December 2006 presidential election. 4.2 million votesThree million less than the socialist ruler, who was riding a huge wave of popularity.

Today, like then, He hopes to unite most of the nuclear opposition around his candidacy.Although this time there is glue Maria Corina MachadoUndisputed leader of the Chavismo opposition, but forced to side with Maduro.

Rosales’ name is an institution in Julia, an oil estate and the country’s most populous state. Hugo Chávez ironically referred to him as “the philosopher of Zulia”, alluding to Rosales’ slips in his speeches.

He returned to the governorship in the 2021 elections, when the opposition ended a two-year strategy of electoral boycott. he imposed himself on the officer Omar PreetoWho were demanding re-election.

He was the governor between 2000 and 2008.and mayor of the state capital, MaracaiboBetween 1996 and 2000 and again from 2008 to 2009, the second city in the country, when went into exileAllegation of illegal enrichment.

The judicial action came after Chávez threatened to jail him and end his political career.He alleged that his opponents were conspiring against him.

Their leadership was occupied by other actors, displaced by years of political failures, and now Machado took power.

After six years in exile in Peru, and away from confrontation with Chavismo, He was arrested upon his return to Venezuela in October 2015., Two years later Political disqualification against him ended for corruption, which allowed him to return to the elections.

The governor of Zulia state, Manuel Rosales (EFE/Miguel Gutiérrez)

Rosales agreed with the Chavista regime on several occasions, So much so that he was deported, returned to the country and allowed to become governor of the main oil state.

I don’t have a good relationship with them Maria Corina Machado Noting that he always tried to stop their progress. They tried to suspend the primaries Venezuelan political analysts say it was obvious he would betray her.

same way It is not ruled out that she will eventually call for a vote for Rosales Because this seems to be the only option against the dictator Nicolas Maduro,

Rosales is part of opposition alliance but inside it Most associated with Chavismo What’s going on. In the Venezuelan popular imagination, very rejected: The common opposition voter considers him “”traitor,

“Maduro chose the worst opposition candidate to make it extremely difficult to transfer his vote to María Corina Machado,” analysts say.

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