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4 min reading | K’Sante is the last champion to join the League of Legends roster before starting its 13th season: we’ll tell you what you need to know about him!

2022 has been a spectacular year for League of Legends, both in the playable plane and in the competitive one. And as a climax to the season and the end of the 2022 Worlds that left DRX as champion, Riot Games released the patch that puts the icing on the cake with the arrival of a new champion, K’Sante, a toplaner that has somewhat curious mechanics and that it will force us to leave everything to dominate it and improve our results in the games.

He will be a champion that is very dependent on the gold he earns and his mobility, very wide thanks to the range of dashes with which it counts Similar to Hecarim, the main focus of his abilities is Q, with which he hits enemies and can even pull them. He will be a champion who will give a lot of importance to his armor and with which you can help your classmates a lot.

The most significant thing about K’sante is that, even building for a tank, he will be able to change his defense stats into damage, something that makes him unique: he can go from being the one to take damage and protect his teammates to the opposite in an instant. In fact, none of the items you buy will directly give you damage and your ‘Q’ and your passive they scale with their defensive stats.

Below, we show you all the information you need to know to get the most out of it.

What you need to know about K’Sante, the new LoL champion

Skills of K’Sante, Champion of League of Legends

  • Passive — Dauntless Instinct — All of K’Sante’s abilities apply a mark for a short duration. Hitting said enemy again removes the mark and deals more damage based on the opponent’s max health. Your cool down It is less in Órdago, but it does not slow down rivals.
  • Q — Ntofazos — The hero slams his weapon and deals physical damage in a small area, slowing everyone he attacks. If he touches an enemy, he leaves a mark and if he hits it again, he makes a shock wave that attracts the opponent. He protects himself even more in Órdago and his cool down it reboots, it charges faster and does more damage.
  • W — Make Way — When channeled, he forms a shield with his weapons, making him unstoppable and reducing damage taken. When activated, he dashes forward and deals percentage damage based on his max health, knocking back and stunning opponents.
  • AND — Footwork — The champion makes a dash and get a shield. When moving towards an ally, it also gives them a shield. In Órdago, he increases his movement speed, movement range, and breaks through walls.
  • R. — Órdago — Pushes the enemy forward and does more damage if they collide with a wall or go through a wall. He ends up on the opponent’s back at the end of the attack area and obtains the ordeal mode, which partially changes his abilities. In this state, he loses max health, armor, and magic resist, but gains damage and omnisuction.
This is K'Sante, new champion of League of Legends

Source: Riot Games

Order to maximize K’Sante’s abilities

For the laning phase, it is advisable to improve the Q first. It’s likely that by the time you’re done upgrading it, it’s done. Be that as it may, the second thing you have to improve will be E and finally W. Try to play passive for the first few levels, since he is not a champion that does a lot of damage… until he has the last ability and can change his playing style.

Best and worst champions to play as K’Sante

Our hero will have a really hard time when he has to face the assassins with the most damage in the game. Especially hard will be the lines against Fiora, Vayne, Singed, Garen, Illaoi, Mordekaiser, Poppy and Dr. Mundo.

On the contrary, it is a champion that works very well against tanks and enemies that has a early very strong either Yasuo, Zion, Ornn, Malphite either sejuani.

Best items to build with K’Sante

As we said, he is a champion that requires a lot of defense and we are going to prioritize those objects that increase his physical and magical resistance. As a mythical object we have several options:

  • Frostfire Gauntletespecially if you are going to face assassins.
  • sunfire capein the event that you go against tanks.

The rest of the objects will depend on how the game evolves, but they are always recommended Ice heart (in case there is a lot of physical damage), force of nature (for the magical ones)Randuin, Spirit Face

K’Sante’s Lore League of Legends

The new champion comes from the Nazumah region, a multicultural city on the edge of the desert and next to an oasis that was created by refugees who fled from Shurima after the battle between Darkin and the Ascended. The city has always had problems with raiders commanded by Xerath, a kind of strange creatures that were used by the defenders of the region to improve the suits and weapons of their soldiers.

Precisely K’Sante uses two weapons, the ntofos, made from the skins of a cobraleón. They weigh 120 kilos each and measure 2 meters, which demonstrates the power of a hero who has spent years and years training for the task of defending his city and becoming the best monster hunter. This is a celebrity in his land, since hunters are like athletes in contemporary culture.

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