Who is Melissa Roxburgh aka Michaela on ‘Manifest’?

If you’re (like the rest of us) looking for manifesto On Netflix, you definitely know actress Melissa Roxburgh, who plays Michaela Stone. But if she looks familiar from somewhere else, that’s probably because she’s starred in a number of notable titles before appearing in manifesto,

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1. Who is Melissa Roxburgh?

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Roxburgh is an actress who hails from Vancouver. Although she grew up in Canada, she is a dual citizen of the United States as her father is originally from Chicago. For this reason, he is able to travel back and forth quite easily depending on his various acting projects.

2. Does Melissa Roxburgh act? manifesto,

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This is correct. Roxburgh plays Michaela, a determined policewoman trying to uncover the truth about Montego Air Flight 828. manifesto Follows a group of travelers who board a plane that mysteriously lands five years in the future. Not only are they unaware of what happened, but they are also forced to rebuild their lives after their families are gone.

3. What else has she done?

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Roxburgh has developed an impressive CV over the years. prior to manifestoShe acted in some films – like in God I trust, I still believe, Rita And sorority murder-And even made a guest appearance Arrow, the Tomorrow People, divine And passenger, Other notable roles include Betty Seaver in DC legends of tomorrowensign sil in star trek beyond and in thea price,

4. Is he on social media?

Absolutely. Roxburgh’s official Instagram is and Twitter accounting book. While her Instagram page is filled with a mix of personal, professional, and behind-the-scenes photos, her Twitter offers a rare glimpse into her daily life.

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