Who is Spren? The young Argentine streamer that millions of people watch


Spreen is the most successful streamer from Argentina, and here we tell you all about his career and how he came to achieve his incredible numbers on Twitch.

Who is Spren?  The young Argentine streamer that millions of people watch
Who is Spren? The young Argentine streamer that millions of people watch

New figures frequently appear in the world of streaming, which despite being relatively young, grows exponentially year after year. Among the most popular content creators of the moment is Spreen, the most popular Argentine on Twitch, who due to his success is head to head with the biggest on the platform such as Ibai and Auronplay.

Spreen’s real name is Iván Raúl Buhajeruk Fernándezand was born on October 11, 2000 in Santo Tomé, Santa Fe. He began uploading Minecraft videos at the age of 12, and his name originates from that game: his fictitious company on a server was SpreenDMC.

From the beginning he was moderately successful, but in his early years he could not afford to make a living from his videos, due to little monetization. After high school he began studying industrial design, something that helped him with content creation. That was when began to expand its content, creating a new channel with more varied videos.

Since then, in 2019, it began to register more and more visits and popularity on the internet. Another key event in her career soon occurred: the Minecraft Squid Games Early 2022when he achieved his personal record of 130 thousand viewers on average.

He continues to enjoy great success on YouTube through his five channels, and his Twitch numbers are the best in the country. At the moment it has 6.52 million followers in total and 12 thousand active subscribershaving reached the peak of 27 thousand in August 2022.

Not only is he the most successful Argentine streamer, but he is also one of those who provides the most varied content in the Hispanic world of Twitch. For all this he was recognized with the Streamer of the Year award at the Coscu Army Awards 2022a year after winning the Revelation Streamer award.

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