Who is Tomás D’Alessandro, Fernando’s friend who had almost perfect attendance at the trial

One of the people who attended almost all the hearings of the judgment that seeks to determine responsibilities in the assassination of Fernando Baez Sosa it was Thomas D’Alessandro: one of the friends that this young man, eighteen years old at the time of his death in January 2020, had done in his time as a student of the Caballito Marianist College. In fact, as told Grace Sosathe mother of Ferdinandhis son “loved” to go to the house of Thomas.

The boy who shared the high school classroom with the victim until they both graduated in 2018 attended 11 of the 13 hearings held at the judicial headquarters of pains and gave his testimony on the second day of the process. On that occasion, he related his vision of what happened at the time of the crimeand was heard by the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) No. 1.

This courtcomposed of the magistrates Maria Claudia Castro, Christian Rabaia Y Emiliano Lazzarimust rule, on February 6, the judgment Over the eight defendantsa group of friends from Zarate between the ages of 19 and 21 at the time of homicide and that they have been detained with pretrial detention for just over three years: Luciano Pertosicurrently 21 years old; Cyrus Pertossi22; Lucas Pertosi23; Ayrton Violaz23; maximum thomsen23; Enzo Comelli22; Matias Benicelli, 23; Y Blas Cinalli21.

Fernando Báez Sosa was on vacation with his friends, including Tomás D'Alessandro, when he was murdered by a group of young people from Zárate
Fernando Báez Sosa was on vacation with his friends, including Tomás D’Alessandro, when he was murdered by a group of young people from ZárateInstagram Gaston Muzlera

Thomas D’Alessandrowho is nicknamed “Gallo”, founded a team of sports called Ryu Esportswith whom he competed in games, such as the Counter Strike GO, and in tournaments with rivals from across the region. He is also CEO of this group, which is sponsored by server brands and service providers. software.

His life changed the summer of 2020. D’Alessandro He was one of the closest people to Ferdinand and was one of the members of the group of friends who traveled to Villa Gesell together with him. In fact, he was one of those who shared the last night in the life of that young man, who that year had been enabled to study the career of Right of the UBA after passing the CBC.

That January 18th they went bowling the brique and, around half past four in the morning, the young man who today asks for Justice by his friend he was escorted out with him by security personnel. They left by their own means after a crossing with the youth of Zarate that today are judged by the murder and that, that night, they were also expelled, with greater resistance, from the premises.

A few minutes later, what began Thomas D’Alessandro testified before the court: the moment when Baez Sosa was attacked from behind – a fact for which the complaint blames Enzo Comelli Y Cyrus Pertossi– and the subsequent beating, of the rest of the members of the group, which ended his life. In this sense, the legal representatives of Fernando’s parents and the prosecution seek to qualify the eight as co-authors. Through film evidence, they located in greater proximity and beating the victim, a Luciano Pertosi, Ayrton Violaz Y maximum thomsenin addition to those already mentioned.

Tomás D'Alessandro was one of Fernando's friends who participated in the act carried out by the relatives on the third anniversary of the murder
Tomás D’Alessandro was one of Fernando’s friends who participated in the act carried out by the relatives on the third anniversary of the murder THE NATION / Mauro Rizzi

In this way, Thomas’ testimonyon the second day of the trial, not only served to locate the accused at the scene, but was useful in shedding light on what the others did accused, who – according to what he said – began to attack those who sought to defend the young man who would die from the blows received. In this sense, one of the strongest contributions that he gave D’Alessandro was when he said: “I heard Matías Benicelli tell Fernando: ‘Let’s see if you hit the black shit again’”.

Thomas wanted to intervene to defend FernandoThey threw him to the ground and kicked him. “I grabbed the pants of one of the aggressors, they kicked me again and when I got back up, I was face to face with a subject, who was Lucas Pertosi, explained.

“In the middle of his statement, D’Alessandro fixed his gaze on the eight defendants. He looked at them firmly”, narrated the journalist from THE NATION Gabriel di Nicola, who follows the judicial process from Dolores.

Tomás went to Dolores again and again to be present at the trial, always accompanied by his mother. This is how she starred in one of her most emotional moments: the hug she gave to Thomas Bidondeone of the witnesses to the event, who lamented with Fernando’s parents and told them: “I’m sorry because I couldn’t do anything that day.”

However, despite his almost perfect attendance, he decided to absent himself from the last testimonial hearing, in which several of the accusedand instead participated in the event headed by the family of Baez Sosa in the amphitheater of the city of Dolores, where they wait for a sentence that, they ask, be of life imprisonment.

On their social networks, D’Alessandro He asks for justice for his friend through different messages and with the image that he has on the cover of his Twitter account. Stretched out over her profile is a photo of the group that was on that fateful trip to Villa Gesell. Images and words that expose the pain of their loved ones, three years after bye Fernando.


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