Why do we get little cramps when we sleep?

Falling asleep and waking up too soon, as if your body is falling into nothingness, is more common than it seems. This sudden action of arms and legs is called myoclonic spasms, activities from which 70 percent of society suffers and which respond to neural stimuli that flow from our brain to the extremes in the phase between waking and sleeping. Although it is not 100% known why they occur, various research shows that daytime experiences determine what happens in our brain when we sleep. So when our body rests and is still, our brain appears unconsciously.

one of the following Theories with the most followers In the scientific world, it is assured that these cramps are caused by the motor preparation of our body for the changes experienced during sleep. during this process The brain sends these electrical signals like to the extreme defensive reaction Further proof that we are merely sleeping and in no danger.

Thus, as soon as we surrender to sleep, the reserves of energy accumulated during the day explode in these jerks or myoclonic convulsions.

When these shocks are present in the middle of the fight between waking and sleepingThe mind undergoes its own transitions and the reality of the external world remains under the veil of our own interpretation that we give it in dreams.

The spasms act as the link that refuses to take us out of reality while we sleep and keeps us awake with these activities that eventually join the world of nocturnal hallucinations that constitute our dreams.

Some scientists maintain that myoclonic jerks are related to sleep deprivation, emotional states like anxiety, pain or fatigue and even excessive caffeine consumption are also blamed. They also say that these tremors are a response to external stimuli such as noise or a light being turned on during sleep.

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