Wild Rift Paved the Way: Are Cell Phones the Future of Esports?

The video game industry is transforming to adapt its games to new mobile devices.

Today 2 out of 3 users already use smartphones to play, which increases the popularity of some titles that compete in electronic sports.

The convenience of playing video games on mobile devices has been reflected in the world of esports. The more users enjoy these titles, the greater the following of the competitions associated with them. This is why everything seems to indicate that the future of Esports depends on adapting to this phenomenon.

Some of the representative signs of this particular go through observing the audiences of Esports events in recent times. freefire, a game developed for mobile, achieved the highest viewership rate of 2021 in one of its competitions. Last year, in total hours viewed, we found in second and third place in the ranking Mobile Legends: Bang Bang; second only to the almighty League of Legends.

Some of the most popular esports games have already been fully developed for mobile devices, these are some of them:

freefire. This title belonging to the Asian Garena in 2019 is available on iOS and Android and is one of the most downloaded games globally, but it is in Latin America where it has been especially successful, fostering a competition ecosystem that is breaking records year after year. This game that has been chosen Esports Mobile Game of the Years 2020 and 2021 at the Esports Awards. In 2022 Free Fire consolidates in Esports with the creation in Latin America of two professional competitions, Retadores Free Fire Norte and Retadores Free Fire Sur.

call of duty mobile. Just one day after its release, this game had already achieved 60 million games played, proving to be a resounding success. This game has always been associated with the competitive world of Esports. The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2020 tournament marked the game’s entry into the top tier of Esports. In the call of Duty league Stage 1 Major Qualifiers debuted on the Twich platform, registering a peak of more than 190,000 viewers over the weekend, this was the first Esports event of the 2023 season for CDL.

Valorant mobile. The developer of this game, Riot Games, has confirmed that it would reach mobile devices at the end of 2023, but without a specific official release date. Currently, the game is one of the most visited titles on streaming platforms such as Twitch and is among the most important Esports with different competitive leagues worldwide.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. It is a very popular game in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, where it was the most downloaded mobile game in 2017. The first Esports World Championship for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, dubbed M1, was organized in the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia from November 15 to 17, 2019. Mobile Legends was one of the games included in a competition to win the Esports medal at the 2019 Southeast Asian Games.

League of Legends Wild Rift. League of Legends fans with a compatible mobile quickly launched into playing Wild Rift, registering more than 12 million accounts created in 2022 in Latin America alone. But choosing Wild Rift as an example is something more elaborate than choosing a case at random. . The base of this title is the League of Legends, considered the greatest representative of the Esorts at an international level. Last year, it led all audience rankings and surpassed 5 million simultaneous viewers in its flagship tournament, LOL Worlds. On the other hand, as in other of the main League of Legends events, the prediction portals have had a frenetic activity when it comes to following the event and being able to consult the possibilities of each participating team.

In the video game industry, what started with large consoles to play, little by little was reduced to small devices, until today ending with success in the comfortable mobile device that continues to evolve to adapt to the future. This success in video games has been reflected in Esports tournaments, which have not only adopted their main titles, but also use cell phones to follow, in many cases, their main events.

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