will allow you to choose the language from Season 13

On the occasion of Season 13 of ‘League of Legends’, at Riot Games they plan various changes. In particular, they intend to remove a restriction that governed ‘LoL’ for more than a decade and that did not allow players to select language in which the title is played.

This represents quite a milestone for the community, which for years had to be forced to use unofficial methods to be able to play ‘LoL’ in the language of your choice.

It is well known that the language in ‘League of Legends’ is normed and restricted by the area the player is in. This means that, depending on the server where you are and where your game connects, the language for the title will be placed.

This has been of particular annoyance among the community that did not hesitate to label for a long time as “ridiculous” to this standard. Also, for players who are traveling or have moved regions, this used to be of particular interest, as it’s always nice to have the voices in your native language.

It is not yet known when this power to select languages ​​will come into effect, but it is speculated that it will work as in ‘Valorant’. In that popular FPS you can change the language of the audio and subtitles, although sometimes it tends to be a bit confusing, because at first the title seems not to differentiate between the language intended for text and for voices. Despite everything, it is possible after browsing for a while in its settings.


for now, we will have to wait Let’s see when Riot Games decides to release this function and finally eliminate a blockage that for so long it was not understood why it was not available.

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