Will Rubius have a Fortnite skin? Streamer drops something fat with Epic Games

Last Saturday, March 18, Rubius eclipsed the Twitch scene with his Fortnite tournament, a one-day competition with many guests that starred in the audiences of the day and makes it clear that these types of events are very popular.

Many were struck by the fact that Rubius set up something like that, but not us. Rubén is an expert in Fortnite, perhaps not in skill or construction, but in content creation, linked to battle royale since its departure and starring in major game events.

ElRubius' Fortnite tournament at Gamergy: date, time, participants... - Movistar eSports

Rubius has never hidden his love for Fortnite even if he does not dedicate hundreds of hours of content to it, but he has been aware of the release of new seasons, new weapons and even new aspectsone of his passions in the game.

And be very careful, because a Rubius skin could be coming in Fortnite. I mean, there is nothing official, but both the Rubius and Fortnite community are spreading a rumor about this after a clip viral closing one of his live shows.

“Guys, before I go… No, I’m not going to say it yet. But let’s say that Epic and I have been planning something else for the future for a while,” Rubén assured before closing a live show.

Obviously, it is to put hype after the great Fortnite tournament that he has organized, but it could be something else. For example, a new Fortnite server premiering the Epic’s new graphics engine.


We remind you that with the new UEFN it will be possible to do games within Fortnite and we already know how much Rubius likes video games, and even more tinkering and designing a whole new world within the game.

It could be that, the skin or maybe another Fortnite competition, but it is clear that Rubius x Fortnite x Epic Games will have a lot to talk about throughout the year, especially if we continue with this hype.

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