Witch on Shakira’s balcony was the ‘idea’ of the singer’s son with Gerard Piqué

Much has been said about the witch who Shakira placed it on the balcony of his house in Barcelona, ​​opposite the house of his former mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabéu. The singer never wanted to comment on the typical Halloween ornament in the interviews she gave. But now the meaning of the witch is known.

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While some people commented that she could be calling her former mother-in-law a witch, others claimed it could be some kind of ‘protection’ against bad omens.

However, according to the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” the witch is actually Shakira herself, and a way for her to throw a hint at Gerard Piqué’s mother.

A source said that Shakira learned from her children Milan, 10, and Sasha, eight, that her ex-mother-in-law used to refer to her that way: ‘the witch’.

According to the news, the witch has already been removed from the balcony. An informant stated that it is because she is already preparing for the trip to the United States with her family.


After the news in the Spanish press that states that Gerard Pique and his lawyers prepare a defamation suit against Shakira because of the allegations in his songs and the criticism that he and his family have been receiving since the Colombian singer decided to expose his truth, a well-known friend of the former couple, journalist Jordi Basté, broke his silence about this whole situation.

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Interviewed on TVE’s “Late Show”, presenter Marc Grió wanted to know how this friendship turned out after the separation of Shakira and Piqué, and he did not hesitate to side with the former Barcelona player.

“I know Shakira, but my friend is Piqué,” he said.

And it wasn’t just that. Basté complained that the singer left Gerard as the villain of the story, when ‘the villain could be her’.

“Gerard Piqué has not spoken about his split from Shakira. He became the movie’s bad guy, and until we know all the details, we wouldn’t need to say that. Because in life everything has nuances. And some will be surprised. And perhaps it is just the opposite of what has been explained, especially with regard to his personal life, ”he justified.

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Recently another friend of Piqué, who did not identify himself, told the Spanish press that Shakira and Piqué’s marriage had already ended more than a year ago when they decided to issue the statement in June last year.

At the time the source commented that it was something that no longer had salvation ‘for a series of factors’.

Shakira can’t wait to move to Miami, in the United States, with her children. According to the Spanish press, this will happen at the beginning of April. But besides Shakira, the ex’s family, Gerard Piqueis also anxious to ‘get rid’ of the singer and all the harassment they have been receiving since the couple’s controversial separation.

According to journalist Sandra Aladro, from the Spanish program “Ana Rosa”, Piqué’s mother, for example, Montserrat Bernabéu is fed up with being harassed in the streets and seeing the amount of paparazzi and reports at the door of her house, since she lives on the same street as Shakira in one of Barcelona’s most upscale neighborhoods.

“Shakira has wanted to leave for a long time and she hasn’t left because of her father, but Piqué and his family also want her to leave now. They know this is going to happen and they have the possibility to travel to Miami to see these children ”, she justified, claiming that the trip was never an impediment.

The presenter also assured that Piqué’s parents couldn’t be happier to see Shakira ‘take that flight to Miami’, although they already miss Milan and Sasha, the 10-year-old and eight-year-old children of the former couple.

“The relationship and the tension are so great that they believe that the best medicine is that the sooner the change happens, it will be better for everyone… now the children are in a very ugly situation”, said Aladro.

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Shakira said in an interview with Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo that her children are her priority and they have given her the strength to move forward.

“Now I feel complete because I feel that I depend on me and I also have two children that depend on me, so I have to be stronger than a lioness,” she said.


Shakira planned to leave Spain last year, since the problems with the ex broke out Gerard Piquehowever, due to a series of conflicts with the separation, and her father’s health problems, the Colombian singer could not leave Barcelona, ​​and had to reprogram herself.

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But now, more than eight months later, Shakira finally begins to see the possibility of moving to Florida, where she intends to restart her life with her two children, after breaking up with the children’s father.

In a meeting with Piqué and his lawyers, which lasted more than nine hours, Shakira and the former Barça player reached an agreement on the custody of the children Milan, 10 years old, and Sasha, eight, and they will be able to live with she in the United States, with Shakira being responsible for covering all of Gerard’s expenses when he travels to Florida to spend time with his children.

In the last episode of the podcast “Mamarazzis”, the presenters Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez assured that the singer will leave Spain on Saturday, April 1st.

“We are very aware of when Shakira will be able to go to Miami and, from what we were told today, she already has a scheduled date to fly to Miami, which will be on Saturday, April 1st”, revealed Laura Fa in the program, assuring that a person close to her to the Colombian who revealed the date and her plans.

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Shakira’s idea is that the children start the new school as soon as the students return from Spring Break (spring break).

Shakira delivered the ‘dirty game’ of Gerard Pique in her most recent songs, but now she speaks for the first time about the very difficult moments she faced when she learned about the disloyalty of the father of her children, in a new interview that will air on Mexican television, where she sat down with journalist Enrique Acevedo.

The Colombian singer revealed in the conversation, her most vulnerable side, exposing how the separation affected her, messing with her insecurities.

Shakira claims that the betrayal she suffered ‘affected her idea of ​​love’, but she finally learned that she is enough and understood that she had this misconception that a man would complete her.

“I bought that story that a woman needs a man to complete herself, she needs a family… I also had that dream of having a family where the children have a father and mother under the same roof, but not every dream in life is fulfilled , and you find a way to make up for yourself in some way and I think that happened to me, with these two wonderful children who shower me with love every day,” said Shakira.

The artist assures that her songs, especially the one she made with Bizarrap, Music Sessions #53, were an important help to free herself from pain and heal her heart, and at the same time managed to represent women who go through a similar situation.

“Through my songs I have always felt that I can, that I have a duty to use my voice and lend it to those who cannot speak. I realized that women are in a key moment for society… we are in a moment where the support we can receive from each other is very relevant”, she justified.

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The singer thanked Argentine producer Bizarrap for the opportunity to vent and ‘cure the pain’:

“I think someone had to take a picture of the day I worked on shoot 53 with Bizarrap, a before and after. I entered the studio one way and left another and it’s one of the things I’m most grateful to Biza for giving me this space, this opportunity to vent. And yes, it was a great relief, also necessary for my own healing, for my own recovery process”, said the interpreter.

She knows that the topic caused controversy, because not only did it expose Piqué’s betrayal, but it even involved her ex-mother-in-law.

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