Wizards remains the first position of the Second Division

The Spanish Second Division of League of Legends reached the last day of the regular phase with three positions for the playoffs at stake, but finally the only tiebreaker disputed was that of the first position. Wizards has achieved the leadership of Second after beating Levante UD and later CASE Esports in the tiebreaker. This is the best result in the club’s history within the division, since in 2022 its top was a third position.

Falcons, Villarreal QLASH, ZETA, Levante UD, LEX Esports and seQura ZEST reached the last day, playing for the last three places in the playoffs. The first three teams had a record of seven wins and 10 losses, while the rest had six wins and 11 losses. The two surprises of the day were the victory of The victories of AYM Esports, ZEST and ZETA over Villarreal, Ramboot Club and CASE altered an entire classification that finally ended like this:

  1. Wizards (16-2)
  2. CASE Esports (16-2)
  3. Ramboot Club (10-8)
  4. ZETA (8-10)
  5. Villarreal QLASH (7-11)
  6. LEX Esports (7-11)
  7. Falcons (7-11)
  8. SeQura ZEST (7-11)
  9. AYM Esports (6-12)
  10. Levante UD (6-12)

Wizards and CASE fight for the title

Although it is true that Ramboot Club reached the last day of the regular phase with the qualification for the playoffs assured, Wizards and CASE Esports have been a level above the Second Division since inception. At the moment ‘The Dean’ of Spanish electronic sports has a favorable record against the organization of Casemiro, Manchester United footballer, with two wins and one loss after the tiebreaker result. Proof of this is that the two best players in the competition have been the WIZ junglers, David Casco «DahVys«, and CASE, Dimitar Kostadinov «lebron«, with 12 and eight awards for best player of the match respectively.

The Second Division playoffs will start on March 22 with the confrontation between Ramboot Club and Villarreal QLASH. The format of the knockout phase is the same as that of the Super League, so Wizards and CASE Esports are the only two teams that will not suffer direct elimination having finished the regular phase as the first two classified.

Table of the playoffs of the Spring Split of the Second Division | Screenshot via Liquidedia

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