Wolf in a bathing suit? Apex Legends confirms that we will have a skin

Apex Legends character design is a true work of art. Each one of them, very much in the style of other games like Overwatch, exudes personality in each of their movements and, of course, costumes. Because one thing that is not lacking in Apex Legends are costumes or skins for them or for weapons. All the characters have their own fans, but since season 5 there is one that has deeply penetrated the hearts of many: Loba, the Teleporting Thief.

Its design, in addition to being magnificent, is decidedly sexy, which is why one of the requests from fans has always been the appearance of a swimsuit skin of the same, something very common in this type of game, but until now they had not dared to do. But after the leaks from various dataminers, we practically took it for granted that they would arrive for Ash, Fuse, Newcastle, Seer, Catalyst, Mirage and, as we are discussing, Loba. Therefore, with this tweet from the official Apex Legends account, everyone knew what he meant.

The summer event of Apex Legends will arrive very soon

In just a few hours we will know more about this new event that promises to bring us the long-awaited swimsuits, but it is striking that it only took the community literally less than 10 minutes to give 10,000 Likes to the tweet to add the “well-known” Loba outfit . There are some daring designs around the net that, although they get mixed up with ‘Rule 34’ at times, might give you an idea of ​​what we might eventually see.

For our part, we have also given a Like, and we are waiting for it to be definitively revealed, because for a server, which is Main Loba since it came out and I practically have all the skins, it would be an event that I would not want to miss.

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