Worlds of League of Legends confirms its return to South Korea for 2023

The World Championship of League of Legends is one of the most prestigious and highly anticipated esports events of the year, with millions of fans around the world waiting each season finale to see their favorite teams compete for the Summoner’s Cup.

Being the flagship event of the Riot Games MOBA, cities around the world usually prepare each season to accommodate this meeting between regional leagues, as happened in 2022 with the North American tour that toured Mexico City, New York, Atlanta and San Francisco.

For 2023 this will not be the exception, since for the first time since 2018, the fair maximum of the League of Legends globally it will return to the cradle of esports and the home of the current world champions: South Korea.

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The World Championship returns to the land of legends

As part of the Season Start of the most powerful competitive league, Riot Games announced through its official site the return of Worlds to the region with the most titles in its history, after the successful Mid-Season Invitational that took place in Busan during May 2022.

However, for its 2023 edition, the World Championship of League of Legends will have its greatest evolution to date. This is because, following the same pattern as MSI 2023, this international tournament will introduce a new format that highlights the addition of double elimination brackets, and the implementation of the Swiss system used in other competitive titles.

“Over the past 10 years, we have established Worlds as a high-stakes event where an unexpected change or bad day can end a team,” the LoL Esports team stated. “As we searched for new formats for Worlds, the one thing we kept coming back to was keeping Worlds the biggest, highest-stakes arena in esports.”

For the 2018 final, the Munhak Stadium hosted the best teams in the world
For the 2018 final, the Munhak Stadium hosted the best teams in the world

Riot Games decided that to make things more interesting, Worlds 2023 will have different types of format in its 3 stages of competitions: Play-In phase, Swiss phase and knockout phase. In this way, 22 teams will be the ones that will seek to qualify through each round, all to be able to rise as the best in the world and leave their mark in the history books.

The Play-In phase will have 8 participating teams, and unlike previous years, priority will be given to teams from minor regions. With this, only the finalist teams of the PCS and VCS, the champions of the LLA, CBLOL and LJL, and an extra qualifier through the new Worlds Qualifying Series will participate in this stage.

The Worlds Qualifying Series will be a best-of-5 matchup between the fourth-place finishers from the LCS and LEC, with the winner securing a Worlds berth and an advantage to their regional league. According to Riot, they hope that in the coming years these qualifying series will be expanded to include more teams and regions.

Once this is defined, the classified squads will be distributed randomly into 2 double elimination brackets, in which in the end, the best ones will face those of the opposite bracket for 1 of the 2 passes to the Swiss phase. All cross-region duels will be best-of-3, while ranked matches will be best-of-5.

For the first time, Worlds will feature a double-elimination format at the start
For the first time, Worlds will feature a double-elimination format at the start

In the Swiss phase, the Play-In winners will join the top 4 from the LCK and LPL, as well as the top 3 from the LCS and LEC. Here, the 16 qualifiers will put everything on the line in a battle for survival, so the slightest mistake could cost any squad elimination.

The first and second rounds of the Swiss phase will be best of 1, with each of the teams being paired according to their results. Starting in round 3, the teams that have the opportunity to advance or are at risk of elimination must play best-of-3 series, which will end up defining the 8 teams that will go for the Summoner’s Cup.

“We are excited to introduce the Swiss format to Worlds, where every game is important to both opponents: there are no games that do not affect the outcome of the tournament,” LoL Esports said. “In addition, this allowed us to add 13 best-of-3 heats to the event without sacrificing the excitement that comes from a day full of best-of-1s.”

Given its dynamic relocation that only pits teams with equal records against each other, each team will now have more chances to win, as well as removing the infamous “groups of death” that left fans feeling like a team was eliminated earlier. to start.

As a novelty, the Swiss format will be introduced to the international ecosystem
As a novelty, the Swiss format will be introduced to the international ecosystem

And as usual, the knockout phase will have a direct elimination bracket with matches to the best of 5, in which only one team will manage to be crowned as the new world champion of League of Legends.

Thus, the massive changes to Worlds will allow the competition to have games with something at risk at all times, while contributing to bring more matchups between regional leagues and maximizing the number of attractive matchups.

“Providing excitement for fans while creating a fair and balanced competitive environment for players and teams is our number one priority. We can’t wait to see these new formats in action and we’re excited for the community to share the amazing moments we hope these events continue to deliver.”

The details about the venues as well as the seeds for each phase will be revealed during the second half of the year, so we can only wait more to know everything about the most important esports fair of the season.

And you, what do you expect from the Worlds this year? Which teams would you like to see fight for the Summoner’s Cup? Tell us in the comments.

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