YamatoCannon reveals that Fnatic swept DWG KIA in scrims in 2021

During the last two years, Fnatic has not had the best period in its history as a club, especially in the international arena. During the 2021 World Cup, the British organization was directly affected by the absence of the current shooter Elias Lipp «upset«, while last year he stayed in the group stage after overcoming the play-in. The loss of the German was important for the black&orange, but with the passage of time, that dimension appears to be even larger. The former manager of the club, Jakob Mebdi «YamatoCannon«He explained that through the ADC the European team was not behind the Asian teams.

In an interview with The Best Damn League Showa program directed by journalist Duncan Shields «Thorin» and content creator Christian Rivera «IWDominate«, YamatoCannon has revealed that Fnatic was taking DWG KIA by storm in scrims before the start of the 2021 World Cup. The former coach explained that the European team had a record of eight wins and a single loss. However, with T1 the black&orange they had a record of two wins and four losses. In short, the team competed one on one against a finalist and another semifinalist.

According to the coach, this gave him for the first time in his career the feeling of not feeling ‘naked’ against the most powerful rivals. «We had a very clear identity when it came to knowing what made us successful. We tried to create new circumstances to play through top or middle, but we were more successful through the bot lane. when he had the roster of Bwipo, Hyli and Upset, it was the first time he had gone to a World Cup without being destroyed by an Asian team“, YamatoCannon explained.

The drop in Upset becomes even more important

Despite going ahead in scrimsthe level of Fnatic could not be seen reflected in the official matches due to the loss of Upset. The shooter decided to leave Iceland to support the content creator Paula Aracena, his partner, since she was the victim of abuse. The black&orange they lost one of their key players and were forced to play Louis Schmitz.”BEAN“, academy player. The European team only managed to win one game against Royal Never Give Up and came last in the group. A year later, according to YamatoCannon, the team went from winning the scrims against teams like DWG KIA to lose the majority.

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