Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch new attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea

Yemen’s Houthi rebels launch new attacks against commercial vessels in the Red Sea (Europa Press/File)

the rebels Yemen’s Houthi Shia This Tuesday he conceived an attack against A ship In this the Red Sea in which no loss was recorded usathe one who captains naval alliance He responded to the rebels on that sea route.

military spokesperson of Houthis, Yahya Sariyanoted that its naval units launched “several naval missiles” against a shipidentified as “pinocchio“, In this the Red Sea And the effect was “definite”.

Iron rods He mentioned in the statement published on his official account x that he ship Was United States of america, Although United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Later he said that the ship is Singapore owned and of flag of liberia,

Central Command also said this two ballistic missiles were launched from areas under the control of HouthisSupported by iran,They had no impact on the ship and no injuries or damage were reported.,

The naval command led by the United States responded to attacks by Houthi rebels, who are backed by the Iranian regime (Reuters/File)

Similarly, he indicated that he had carried out six attacks.Self Defense” in which a unmanned underwater shipas well as 18 anti-ship missile launcher From areas controlled by rebels.

“It was determined that these weapons represent An imminent danger to merchant ships and among them us Navy In area. The note said these actions are taken to protect freedom of navigation and make international waters safe.

One of the worst moments was dying last week three sailors in an attack Houthi against a barbados flag ship In this Gulf of Adenentrance to the Red SeaIn the first action of the rebels which led to civil loss Since they began their attacks against commercial shipping on 19 November.

Similarly on March 2 British ship “Rubimar” It became the first ship to be sunk in an American attack. Houthis,

except for commercial shipThe rebels have also intensified their campaign against American and British warships parked in the Red Sea To “protect” navigation on this strategic route, where it is estimated that it passes around 15% of world maritime trade,

Amid rising tensions with the West, the forces of Russia, China And iran They will participate from this Tuesday In joint naval maneuvers in the waters of the Gulf of OmanThe Gaza Strip was shaken by attacks on ships carried out by Houthis from Yemen in response to the military offensive launched by Israel against Hamas militants.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that several Russian ships arrived this Monday to the Iranian port of Chabahar In connection with their participation in the exercise named “Maritime Security Belt 2024”.

The regimes of Russia, China and Iran will hold joint naval maneuvers in the Gulf of Oman (Reuters/File)

Naval group led by missile cruiser ‘Vairag’head of pacific fleetwith anti-submarine warfare ship ‘Marshal Shaposhnikov’.

“These practical maneuvers will take place in the waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea,” Russian officials said. “The main objective of the maneuver is to verify the safety of economic activities at sea.”

Thus, he elaborated that “representatives”. Oman, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and South Africawho will do so as “observers,” according to Russian news agency Interfax.

(with information from EFE)

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